The Budget for Sandra & Justin's Kitchen Renovation

The Budget for Sandra & Justin's Kitchen Renovation

May 28, 2013

Name: Sandra & Justin
Type of Project: Kitchen remodel
Location: Arlington, Texas
Type of building: Single-family home, 2,450 square feet

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In the past two weeks we've introduced you to Sandra and Justin's kitchen renovation, and now it's time to get down to the nuts and the bolts — the budget. 

From Sandra:

The plan is to do almost all of the demolition ourselves and save some money there. We realize that we will be spending the big bucks having the hard, technical work done by skilled professionals (who have a much better idea what they are doing than we do). We aren't going with a general contractor, because we want to drive down the cost of this remodel as much as possible. 

Here's what we are outsourcing:

Plumbing: We will have to bring in a plumber to move the water line and gas line (a very expensive move, but really essential to a functional re-design of the layout).
Electrical: We'll move some electrical outlets, kill a few old ones, and put in some additional lighting in the old breakfast area and over the peninsula. 
Sheet Rocking: We discovered some moldy sheet rock from an old water leak in the corner of the kitchen (yeah!) and need to have that replaced, as well as have the giant whole we are carving in the wall tidied up. 
Flooring: We know lots of people do the flooring themselves, but we are scared of it. The last few places we've lived in have had bad install jobs on the flooring, so we are afraid of doing it wrong, and so we're calling in the professionals who will guarantee their work and ease our minds.
Cabinetry: We are using a custom cabinetry shop in Fort Worth and having them paint and install the cabinets (once again, the guarantee of them making sure it is right, or promising to not quit until it is, is a comfort in the middle of this craziness we are entering).
and Countertops.

Anything else is because we we will try and fail and call in someone else when we get desperate. 

Our projects  

Design and sourcing: This will be mostly my task. 
Demolition: Justin can't wait to do as much of this as possible — I'll be right there with him for anything he can't do alone. We need to pull out all the old cabinetry and counters, rip out the soffits, smash and remove all the tile, and grind down the quickset under the tile and remove all baseboards.
Popcorn ceiling removal: We had the rest of the house done before we moved in, but saved this room for the remodel, and we'll do this one ourselves, and say goodbye to the eighties.
Duct work: we need to move a few air vents.
Framing: We''ll turn the doorway between the dining room and kitchen into a opening 2-3 times larger.
Mudding and texture: we'll go for these after the sheet rock folks do their thing.
Remove old wood flooring: (in the dining room and rest of the house)
Backsplash tiling
Refinishing salvaged wood for the shelving

Phew. It is going to be a lot.

Budget Specifics:


    Fox Electric: $2230
    Plumber: $3025
    Kelsh Services (sheet rock installation): $740
    Sub Total: $5,995


    Bosch Dishwasher (Sears Outlet): $557
    Frigidaire Range (Lowe's online): $800
    Range Hood (IKEA): $379
    Sub Total: $1,736


    Blanco Silgrant Super Single Sink ( $329
    Krauss Faucet with soap dispenser ( $161
    Drawer Pulls (Amazon & $70
    Sub Total: $560


    Cabinets (C&S Cabinets): 5,591
    Cabinetry painting: $2800
    Delivery and installation: $350
    Ceasarstone countertops (in Concrete)(IKEA): 3,040 (Install by Countertop Creations)
    Sub Total: $11,781


    Stranded Bamboo flooring (whole house): $2248
    Installation (whole house): $3747
    Sub Total: $5,995


    Olympic Paint (Lowe's): $70
    Backsplash tile: $300
    Sub Total: $370


    Reclaimed wood for shelving (Orr Reed): $50
    Grinder Rental
    Mudding Supplies
    new baseboards
    and all sorts of things we'll need as we go along: $500
    Sub Total: $550


    3 Orange Tolix Replica Stools ( $250
    2 Globe Pendant Lights for peninsula (West Elm) $170
    Hoyne Pendant Lamp for dining table (Crate & Barrel) $320
    Accent Shelf Table (Nadeau) $260
    Pie Safe $300
    Sub Total: $1,300

Total Budget:


Check out the full series (so far) and be sure to join us next week for #4 of Sandra and Justin's Diary.

(Images and diary text: Sandra Jergensen.)

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