Maxwell's Bulb Project: Summer to Fall

Maxwell's Bulb Project: Summer to Fall

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 12, 2012
My final harvest just before Hurricane Sandy

I used to think that bulbs were only for planting in the fall and seeing flowers in the spring, but learned this past summer that I was dead wrong. In fact, I was told by my new bulb friends that you can plant bulbs in the fall and spring and get a constant parade of flowers popping up late into the fall and kicking off again early in the spring (great for the lazy gardener as well!). When I heard this, I decided to ask for help and test it at my house in The Springs, NY. This post is just the beginning.


First, I reached out to Mary Leigh Howell and Amy Dube of Dig Drop Done, to help me plan a summer planting. They told me what to do in the form of a planogram and I was SUPPOSED to get my bulbs in the ground in June. I was weeks and weeks late because I got slammed with work.

In July I finally jumped in and planted my first batch: a large assortment of Dahlias, Lilies and Calla Lilies (see planogram) and sat back. While I was too late to get most of the Lilies, the Dahlias and some Calla Lilies exploded in late August and were stunning and beautiful right through to a few weeks ago when the storm hit and finished the season. Here was my list for June planting:

Having learned from the first batch, I'm going to be much more on time with the next one and clear back some of my boxes so for a little more room. I'll let you know what has been recommended for planting.

My resource for all of this are the ladies at Dig Drop Done, an organization devoted to helping people plant bulbs. They have been incredibly helpful, and you can find all their links here:

>> Dig Drop Done ideas on Pinterest


Planting in mid July




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