Farming @ Home: The Canner's Garden

Farming @ Home: The Canner's Garden

Tara Bellucci
Apr 16, 2012

Growing your own food and preserving it go hand-in-hand in history, though many of us nowadays start with one or the other. If you're a canner looking to expand your homesteading skills to the garden, or are a gardener who wants to apply your green thumb to goods that are best for canning, here are 7 must-haves for the canner's garden.

Cucumbers. Many people's first entry into preserving is making their own pickled cucumbers. Classic for a reason.
Tomatoes. Few things are sadder than a winter supermarket tomato. Make some sauce, paste, and jam to give you the taste of August in January. You can oven dry any extras and preserve those as well.
Berries. You gotta have something to spread on your toast. There are so many berry options, common and not, and all can be made into preserves. Grow a variety and create a mixed berry jam that fits your tastes.
Peppers. From bell peppers to chillies, there are tons of varieties and a ton of ways to save them. Canning my own roasted reds and making my own chili oil are high on my list.
Herbs. Many herbs grow fast and in abundance, so use that to your advantage. Make pesto, dry them, or add them to pickles and jams for additional flavor.
Cabbage. We had someone bring one jar of sauerkraut to a food swap once, and it was highly bid for! If a swapper brought homemade kimchi, I would snap it up so fast.
Beans. Did you know you can make your own canned beans with a pressure canner? The ultimate convenience food, no supermarket required!

What's your favorite produce to can? Do you have any to add to the list?

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