The Pros & Cons of Cheap iPhone Battery Cases

The Pros & Cons of Cheap iPhone Battery Cases

Range Govindan
Aug 31, 2012

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn't get a new, expensive case/sleeve for your iPhone. The new iPhone 5, with a slightly larger screen, is just around the corner, and some of the battery cases can get quite expensive. But what about the cheaper ones, the ones that you won't mind discarding if a new phone comes around? I recently got a cheap iPhone battery case, and here how it made a difference in my daily use of my phone.

There's nothing more annoying than going on a day trip and running out batteries midway through. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where there just aren't any outlets to charge your phone, which makes cases and external batteries the logical solution. I experienced this during the summer, and wanted to find a solution that wasn't too expensive, since I knew that a new iPhone would be released in a couple of months.

I bought a no name battery case that claimed to have a 1,500 mAh battery inside of it. It came in a completely white color, which matched my white iPhone. I spent $26 on it, which is one of the reasons why I got it. It was cheap, not badly made, and promised to deliver quite a bit of extra power for when I'm on the go. I also knew that it was the equivalent, at least in power, of the Mophie Juice Pack Air, which retails for $79.95, three times as much as I paid for the no name case.


1. No longer having to wait for my phone to be completely charged is a boon. Whenever I need a juice up and I am in a rush, I just slap my battery case on and leave.
2. Decent power for its size. The case provided up to 81% of a charge in a little more than 140 minutes before dying out.
3. The size isn't that much bigger than the iPhone, and it feels smooth yet non-slippery to the touch.
4. There are no wires when you charge up your phone. It doesn't sound like much, but when you've had to use an external battery with a cable before on the go, having a case that does this for you is so much more streamlined.
5. There is a little integrated stand. It's a little wobbly if you touch the phone, but it's useful to watch videos.


1. The case won't let you charge and sync with iTunes at the same time. You have to remove your phone to sync it and charge the battery separately.
2. Some of these cases make it hard to retrieve your phone. It took me a couple of times before I figured out how to do so with mine painlessly.
3. The case will be outdated when a new iPhone is released. It's not too bad in this case, since the case cost about the same as some normal cases.
4. Your phone is slightly bulkier than in a normal case. You get used to it, but it's noticeable when you first get a battery case.
5. Some cases offer you the possibility of swapping out the battery from the case itself for another one, for when you need the power. This wasn't the case in this cheap one.

(Images: Range Govindan)

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