The Case of The Dying Roomba

The Case of The Dying Roomba

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 5, 2009

So I jumped on the Roomba wagon about a year ago and up until now, I've actually been fairly impressed with the little guy. I mean, it really forced you to keep up with a clean apartment - meaning any clothes, magazines, and shoes on the floor required a constant eye for decluttering. Personally, I found that to be a good thing, but unfortunately the moment had to come and now my Roomba no longer holds a charge for more than a minute. A sad day, really, but now I need to figure out what to do with my Roomba corpse...

First and foremost, I just wanted to publicly vent about how the warranty is absolutely terrible. Roombas come standard with a one year warranty and if you're even one day past, you won't be getting single replacement part without having to pay hefty parts and shipping fees. Their customer service isn't bad, responding within a few days, but the fact that my Roomba decided to die only months after my warranty ended didn't leave me with a very good impression about the build quality of the robots.

So that left me with two options; either toss the Roomba into the dumpster or try to resuscitate some life into it via a DIY hack. I decided to stick with option numero dos.

Since the battery is the primary issue here (I hope), I am considering replacing the battery via a walkthrough from (since really, it's just a bunch of Nickel batteries strung together). This, of course, if done incorrectly may cause my house to burn down, but it's probably the only viable option (unless I wanted to shell out $175 for another battery from iRobot).

Anyone know of a cheaper option or have had experiences with their Roomba dying out of the blue after a year?

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