The Ceramic and Carbon Fiber Laptop Bags: An Innovative Use of Materials

The Ceramic and Carbon Fiber Laptop Bags: An Innovative Use of Materials

Range Govindan
Apr 14, 2009

Ever wanted a really distinctive laptop bag? Laptop bags are pretty dreary. They have lots of pockets and almost always look the same. It's getting better though. A lot of interesting laptop bags and carrying cases have been made over the last few years. This is the first time that I've seen a bag that will be made out of ceramic and/or carbon fiber. I honestly have never thought about using these types of materials, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. These are some tough bags.

The BRIEFCeramicAse
Greek designer Alexandros Stasinopoulos won an IF Concept award for his BRIEFCeramicAse. It's a briefcase made out of ceramic, that should be perfect to transport your documents and laptop around. This isn't the brittle ceramic used for dishes, it's scratch and abrasion resistant, extremely hard, and smooth to the touch. Some of those high tech Chef knives are made out of ceramic.

The designs are pretty incredible and just fancy enough to be good to take to the office. Don't worry, dropping the briefcase won't break it. It must be a very secure place to keep your laptop. Since it's ceramic, it can be decorated the same way as porcelain. This is also pretty cool, making it almost like a piece of art. I really like this type of briefcase. It makes you think twice about the materials that can be used into producing bags. [photos via Core77]

The G3 Carbon Fiber Briefcase
We all know that carbon fiber is light and durable. It's used in race cars and high-end bicycles. More and more we see it all over the place in new places. This briefcase is made out of that special material. It's combines beauty with comfort. The briefcase is designed by Nikola Knezevic and features some clean lines and symmetry. Naturally, it's one of the lightest briefcases available on the market right now. The top of the line model retails for about $4,000. [via Born Rich]

The BRIEFCeramicAse

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