The Classic Bicycle Shop: Australia’s Source for 1900s Bikes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Why do cool shops like this always exist in places like Melbourne or Copenhagen or Stockholm? Oh well… although it’s not exactly convenient for American shoppers, this Australian store is too cool not to write up. They specialize in reproductions of single and three-speed European bikes from the early 1900s (and they ship internationally).

These are the kinds of beautiful objects that inspired Marcel Brauer to make a tubular steel chair from a bicycle frame. (His muse was actually an Adler bicycle from the early 1900s — for the full story, click here.)

Collections are divided into women’s and men’s models, as well as specialty or custom-made designs. There’s also a good selection of parts, including period-reproduction bicycle baskets, bells, wheels, and tires.

The Classic Bicycle Shop has two locations — one in Melbourne and one in Adelaide — and their webshop is well-designed and easy to browse. Here’s a glimpse of what’s available…

Parallel Bar 18-inch (Ladies), $680
Triple Bar 19-inch (Ladies), $680
Parallel Bar 24-inch (Ladies), $680
3-Speed Straight Bar 24-inch (Gents), $850
Rear Coaster 22-24-inch (Gents), $680
Custom Bicycles, price on request
Low Gravity Delivery Bicycle, price on request
Tyres and Tube, starting at $12
Wheels, starting at $95
Wire and Wicker Baskets, starting at $35

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