The Clean Up In Nashville Continues A Week Later

Last weekend the city of Nashville, Tennessee was hit hard by storms that sent the waters rising around town. Not normally being a city that has flooding issues, many of the homeowners were left without insurance and have spent the week digging out what’s left of their homes and salvaging what’s left.

Although we all enjoy water in small amounts, it can be crazy-dangerous in large, fast moving quantities. Residents of Nashville were caught completely off guard as their homes were overtaken by fast rising waters that seemed to come out of nowhere. In the first photo above, all the items piled high in this driveway are things that have to be discarded due to damage. Neighbors are making tall piles anywhere they can in order to rid their homes of the items that the floods claimed as their own.

The shots above were taken in one of the hardest hit areas, a subdivision in Bellevue (a west Nashville neighborhood) called River Plantation. The waters rose to over 5 feet in many homes, leaving people and animals alike stranded and scrambling for help. Those whose home were safe have spent the past week roaming the streets, helping friends and neighbors dig out from the damages that occurred.

Drywall has been removed in most homes just past the flooding line, many heirloom items have been damaged and appliances ruined. The kitchen above had just seen a renovation and was scheduled to be completed in two weeks. The brand new appliances and cabinets are in shambles and the space must once again be completely gutted. Check out the details on the photos above for more information and also check out Flickr for more views of what residents are enduring.

There’s been many tragedies around the world lately and this is just another one on the list. We wanted to make sure we shared a small part of the struggle that this city is undergoing and we hope that you might take a few seconds to donate to one of the charities listed below. Although celebrities are dropping dimes left and right, there’s been so many impacted by things, every bit helps! Families are still homeless and even though their determined spirit is strong and willing, it never hurts to help out any way we can.

The Red Cross: Can not accept material donations at this time and is asking the public to donate money only. Call 615-250-4300 or Text “RedCross” to 90999 for $10 donation.

Salvation Army: To volunteer at the Salvation Army, call Matt Vamvas at 416-3175. For emergency assistance, call 615-255-0554 or visit 611 Stockell Street. Call 1-800-SAL-ARMY to donate, and make sure to designate to Nashville Flood Relief.

Hands On Nashville: If you’re in the area, this is a great place to go do donate your time and help others in need.

Images: Dave McKew who flew from San Francisco to help his parents sort through the remains of their house shown above.