The Climate Bill Will Cost You $146 Extra Per Year

The Climate Bill Will Cost You $146 Extra Per Year

Cambria Bold
Jun 17, 2010

According to the EPA's analysis of the American Power Act, the legislation would cost the average American household an additional $79 to $146 extra per year between 2010 and 2050. If you think that sounds like a lot, take a look at how Grist breaks down the numbers:

Grist spoke to research analyst Jason Selfe from the New York-based economic research firm Rhodium Group for some perspective

Selfe says, $146 a year is:

  • about $0.40/day, $3/week, or $12/month;
  • two text messages a day at $.20 each;
  • about one Starbucks coffee a week ($4.05);
  • a 24 pack of Coca-Cola Classic a month ($11.04);
  • $63 less a month or $756 less a year than the average cost of cable;
  • about the average cost of toilet paper ($140) for a family per year;
  • less than the savings a day ($.91 - $1.62) from substituting Evian ($1.58/bottle) or Fiji ($2.29/bottle) bottled water for Poland Springs ($.67/bottle) when buying a 24 pack;
  • a monthly subscription to Netflix ($8.99) plus a weekly supply of buttered microwave popcorn ($.75/pack); or
  • about a monthly trip to the box office ($7.50) and a small popcorn ($4.75).

In view of those comparisons, isn't it most certainly worth it?

Download the EPA's analysis of the American Power Act here.

Read Grist's analysis here.

Via: Grist. Image: USDA Forest Service via Grist

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