The Coffee Table Home Office: Change of Pace

The Coffee Table Home Office: Change of Pace

Range Govindan
May 12, 2011

You've probably been guilty of this, just like us, but there's no need to feel embarrassed about sitting down on the couch and starting to work off a laptop. If you keep your coffee table pretty clean, it can make a decent workstation. This is perfect when space is at a premium or you just want to move things around a bit. While sofa-desking isn't something that you want to do full time, it can be a nice change of pace.

This is something that happens in our places quite a bit, as we do quite a bit of work from home, so we tend to move our laptops around in order to change positions and not stay in the same place for too long. If more than one person is working from home, then it's also a way to socialize over a cup of coffee. Spending hours upon hours cooped up in the home office can get dreary. That's why it's recommended that you move workstation every few hours. Depending on how your living room is arranged, it can make a decent workspace, albeit for a limited amount of time.

From our experience, the main problem in setting up a permanent workstation on your coffee table is that first of all, your family will probably not enjoy it. Secondly, it can get cluttered quickly and thirdly, you tend to sit awkwardly if you're typing away while you're resting on the sofa. It's probably best not to sit there for too long. Even so, the change of pace, position, and workstation will make you think that you've almost left home. In fact, if you're living with roommates, then it makes perfect sense to do so.

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