The Company Store Launches New Green Earth Collection

The Company Store Launches New Green Earth Collection

Cambria Bold
Apr 16, 2010

In celebration of Earth Day, the Company Store is launching a new bedding and bath collection called Green Earth. The bedding, blankets and towels are purported to be produced in an environmentally-friendly way, from the manufacturing to the packaging. However, they're not organic, which seems strange to us.

Here's what we know about this collection (and right now, it's not much):

  • The collection of sheets, blankets, and towels are made with "sustainable, extra-long staple MicroCotton yarns."
  • The towels apparently feel thicker and softer than traditional combed cotton, absorb 15 times the amount of moisture yet dry faster.
  • The bedding is apparently gently spun in a soft 350-thread count percale using an eco-friendly process, resulting in sheets that are very smooth, soft and durable, and that require less water during washing.
  • All of the processes—from manufacturing, through the dyes used, to the type of packaging they're shipped in— are supposed to be environmentally-friendly.
  • They're not organic as far as we can tell.

We've emailed The Company Store to try and get a little more information about this new collection of theirs, and we'll let you know what we find out.

Update: We just heard back from The Company Store, and here's what they say about this new collection:

The collection is produced from MicroCotton, which is biodegradable. The cotton is also a renewable ingredient, so while isn't organic, it is a sustainable ingredient. The products are made in one of the world's only 100% agri-waste powered textile mills. This state of the art facility produces no emission of effluents into the local water table. What's more, the process incorporates Control-Union certified environmentally-respectful dyes. (NOTE: Control-Union World Group - formerly known as SKAL - is an international group of companies specializing in independent certification of systems, services, processes and products.)
The facility is also powered by wind mills.

The facility re-purposes water during manufacturing.

The patented MicroCotton yarns provide cost/energy savings. The towels are spun of MicroCotton's exceptionally fine, silky fibers to create a thicker, softer, plusher pile than towels of the same weight - so it feels substantial without being heavy. It absorbs 15 times the amount of moisture as traditional combed cotton towels and dries faster. Due to their lower mass, it costs less for you to wash, saving 50% in water use and 10-15% in drying times, in addition to requiring less detergent.

While it's great that the manufacturing facility produces no emissions and that they're using certified eco-friendly dyes, the fact that they're still using conventionally-grown cotton remains a concern, and we hope they make the switch at some point.

Colors available include Quartz, Birch, Moss, White, Ivory, and Mist, and the bedding retails for $24-$139, the blanket for $59-$99, and the towels for $12-$34.

See more at The Company Store.

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