The Complete Guide to Naming Your GPS Unit

The Complete Guide to Naming Your GPS Unit

Taryn Williford
Jun 7, 2011

She's with you every day, helping you effortlessly navigate the obstacles each day throws at you. And even though she's not perfect, like that one time when she told you to drive into a lake, you love her all the same. She's your GPS unit, and she deserves a proper name. Consider this your Tech Baby Name Book.

The secret's out. We already know you guys have named your iPods and your cars. So there's no reason your GPS should have to go name-less.

Name it after its country of origin.
GPS units come loaded with a few different accents, but you can download tons more for a truly multi-cultural baby. Use its accent as a guide to choose a local name.
British Names: Abbey, Kinsey or Phillipa for a girl. Nigel, Langdon or Tanner for a boy.
Irish Names: Brigid, Fiona or Sinead for a girl. Cillian, Patrick or Riley for a boy.
Australian Names: Kyleigh, Terri or Melba for a girl. Aiden, Baz or Shane for a boy.

Give it a "family" name.
Everyone likes to have a name that's connected to their family heritage. Give your adopted GPS unit a name that taps into its branded roots.
For a Garmin: Minnie or Garry.
For a TomTom: Tom.
For a Motorola: Moe, Tori or Otto.
For a Magellan: Magellan or Maggie.

Go with initials.
Spell something out with your GPS' name.
If it's a freaking retarded electronic device: Fred.
If it's just your trusty GPS: Gina Patricia Smith, Gordon Patrick Sanders or just Geeps.

Name her after someone you don't like.
That damn GPS is always yelling at you and telling you what to do. So name it after...
Your ex-wife.
Your annoying neighbor.
An unfavorable politician.

Use a pop culture reference.
Having your tech gear talk to you feels like you're in a movie, so why not give your GPS a name from pop culture.
If she "knows it all": Clarissa
If he's becoming sentient: HAL 9000
If he helps you fight crime: KITT

(Top GPS Image: Flickr member Jobriga licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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