The Computer-Free Home

The Computer-Free Home

Tess Wilson
Jan 18, 2011

For the last eight years my home had a very nice, very fast laptop and very nice, very fast internet service. Now I find myself living without a computer, which has impacted my life more, and less, than I thought it would...

  • So Nice & Quiet I've really been enjoying the silence, or what we consider "silence" in the city. There's more peace, more calm, more room to breathe. I should mention that I also do not own a stereo, ipod, television, or any other music/noise-generating device, so it's quiet now, and will continue to be. Aaaah.
  • But A Little Too Quiet, Perhaps There is no longer anything to shield me from my next-door neighbors' loud daily playlist of reggaeton and talk shows. I was never able to block it out completely, but at least music and movies created a filter. There are also moments when I'm desperate for a music box, a Buddha Box, anything to listen to! I've been singing a lot.
  • Time To Think I do lots of repetitive-type projects- embroidering, stamping & addressing invitations- that are perfect to do while a movie plays. I've spent many blissful hours working on crafts and listening to favorite films. But now, without something to occupy the part of my mind not focused on the project at hand, I find myself...thinking more. That sounds so silly, but it's true. Without the distraction of entertainment, I am more inclined to plan future projects, mull over recipes, dream up birthday gifts for friends..
  • I've Got To Do Something! It seems there's so much more time to fill, and I feel so excited to fill it! Every evening I cook & eat dinner, and do the dishes, and then it's like, "Well. What now?". Projects that have been neglected for years (cabinets cleaned, closet reorganized, paperwork sorted) are getting done at an alarming rate. Without the temptation to sit and watch something, or look for pretty things online, I am so much more inclined to do things!
  • Communication Breakdown It's been fun to send more letters and postcards than I usually do, but I'm shocked to admit how much I love the high-tech communication. Though I check my email & the Facebook at the computer at work, I'm never in the right state to write long, chatty messages to far-away friends. I don't stumble across pretty birds to show Crystal or cutting-edge dishes to discuss with Jen, and there's no surprise chats with Emily when we realize we're both up at 3am. There's less spontaneity, and a lot more planning required.

I'm attempting to save up for a new (used) computer, but really, if I didn't need one for Apartment Therapy, I don't know if I'd care enough to get one. There's so many things to do, and so many lovely objects & experiences to spend that money on. How many of you do not have computer/internet access at home? Is it by choice or necessity? How has it affected you?

Image: Tess Wilson

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