This Container Store Sale Has Everything You Need to Keep Your Closet Organized in 2021

updated Jan 4, 2021
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Credit: Liz Calka

If your New Year’s resolution is to get your closet organized for good (or if your hangers could just use an upgrade or you need somewhere to put your shoes…), The Container Store has all the solutions you need—and they’re on major discount right now. The retailer’s latest sale has limited-time savings on all kinds of closet organizing essentials, including drawers, bins, racks, and stackable totes, plus 30 percent off the popular Elfa line. These functional pieces will not only help you get your closet neat and organized but also make keeping it that way a totally achievable goal. We rounded up some favorite sale finds below, but don’t procrastinate too long. These deals are selling out fast (seriously, by the minute!).

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The Container Store
was $12.99

With a chic whitewashed finish, these neutral, versatile storage bins are certainly pretty enough to show off. They're perfect for socks and underwear, T-shirts, and other items you reach for often. Or, if your actual closet is simply too cluttered, put the bins on a nearby shelf or rack for an attractive way to expand your clothing storage without buying a dresser.

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The Container Store
was $27.96

Don’t underestimate the difference that high-quality, matching hangers can make in your closet. Made of durable ABS plastic with a velvety slip-resistant finish, these hangers look upscale and their space-saving, slim profile means your closet will hold a lot more without feeling overstuffed. Plus, the heavy-duty chrome-plated hooks swivel 360 degrees, making it easy to keep all your clothes facing the same direction.

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The Container Store
was $9.99

You’ve probably heard it a million times: To make the most of limited space, always think vertically. That’s what makes these clear shoe bins so great; they’re stackable, so you can neatly store your shoes on top of each other instead of taking up all of the floor space in your closet. Made from crystal-clear, durable polystyrene, each bin holds two pairs of women’s shoes or one pair of men’s shoes.

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The Container Store
was $158.00

Just like everything else from The Container Store’s mega-popular Elfa line, these storage drawers have a modular design for easy customization—a huge plus, especially if you have a small or oddly shaped closet. This set comes with one short drawer, three taller drawers, a faux wood top, and backstop pins, and you can easily customize your setup by adding more drawers and other accessories either now or as needed later down the line.

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The Container Store
was $29.99

This attractive bamboo shoe shelf has a natural, minimalist look that doesn't add any visual clutter to your closet. But what really makes this piece better than other shoe organizers is that it's stackable. Each two-tiered shelf holds up to eight pairs of women’s shoes or six pairs of men’s, and you can safely stack up to three of these shelves to utilize vertical space.

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The Container Store
was $22.99

These durable storage totes are clear, so you can always see what’s inside, and the handles and locking lids make them easy to move around or pull down from high shelves. Great for stowing off-season clothing, bedding and towels, or really anything else you can think of, these super-useful bins come in three sizes that are nestable when empty and stackable when full.

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The Container Store
was $27.99

In typical Container Store fashion, this is really more of a jewelry organization system than a traditional jewelry box. It’s made up of Stackers, a line of single-layer jewelry organizers with compartments of various shapes and sizes, all of which are—you guessed it—stackable. Each Stacker is made of high-quality fiberboard covered in buttery vegan leather, with soft, velvety lining to prevent your jewelry from getting scratched. Create a custom setup that fits your collection perfectly now, and you'll have plenty of options to expand it in the years to come.