The Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case: DIY or $$$?

The Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case: DIY or $$$?

Range Govindan
Mar 24, 2009

When I first saw this laptop case, I was pretty impressed. The simplicity of creating a case out of cardboard appealed to me. Plus, it was made out of recycled cardboard, which was even better. You probably know that there is cardboard that's fireproof and waterproof. People have been using cardboard for all sorts of things, including the creation of furniture and offices. Making a bag out of one seems natural.

UK designer Giles Miller makes these great laptop cases out of corrugated cardboard. The corrugations are slightly altered to create designs in the bags themselves. He's also designed a bunch of furniture pieces. They are all made out of recycled cardboard, which is really cool. What's not so cool is the price. I didn't expect a bag out of cardboard to cost $265!

That's why we think that you should try and shape your own bag out of cardboard, instead of paying a premium price. It's important to use corrugated cardboard, the kind that's waterproof, otherwise you'll have some nasty surprises when you bag gets wet. Still the bag looks pretty cool, but it should serve as an inspiration. [Inhabitat via Make]

There are a number of different DIY solutions out there to make your own cardboard laptop case. The first one we found is pretty simple and from Instructables. For this build, you just transfer the pattern onto a large piece of cardboard. Then you'll cut and glue it around a bit to obtain your case. Total cost? Free!

Here is another DIY from Instructables. Search around a bit and you'll find a great solution for your laptop. Personally, I like the cushioned duct tape case, because we all know that duct tape can repair anything!

Naturally, none of these are as fancy as the one we've featured, but if you are patient enough, building one similar to the one from Miller won't be that difficult. You'll have to cut a lot of cardboard and we'd recommend some power tools to accomplish this. From what we can see, the Miller case was simply made by cutting the same pattern a bunch of different times through corrugated cardboard. Then it was assembled by using a combination of glue and other materials.

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