The Cosby Sweater Project: Need I Say More?

The Cosby Sweater Project: Need I Say More?

Tess Wilson
May 10, 2012

When I was growing up, The Cosby Show was a very big deal. If you didn't watch it on Thursday night, what could you possibly have to talk about on Friday at school? (The same rule applied to A Different World, starting a few years later.) Thank goodness that a Chicago artist is preserving one of the most iconic parts of that show: The Cosby Sweater.

Am I the only one who can't read the words "Cosby Sweater" without thinking of Jack Black in High Fidelity exclaiming, "It's a Cosby Sweater — a COSBY SWEATER!!"? Anyhow, Kelly Tucker of Chicago draws many things, including Cosby Sweaters. (She has some very cute drawings for sale on Society6, but so far no C.S.-es.) She started the Cosby Sweater Project in March 2011, and has kept up with it admirably ever since. There are so many good ones! I like that the drawings allow you to really appreciate the pattern of the sweater, but at the same time I enjoy imagining the patterns in non-sweater applications. This one would make cool videogamesque wallpaper for a kid's room, this one might make a pretty comforter, this one would make a really cute folk-girl skirt, and this one could be used for almost anything.

Do you have a favorite Cosby Sweater still burned into your brain, all these years later?

(All images from The Cosby Sweater Project by Kelly Tucker.)

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