The Craigslist Drafting Table and the Tough Move

The Craigslist Drafting Table and the Tough Move

Regina Yunghans
Jun 18, 2009

You may have read our earlier post about the filming in front of our apartment. That same evening, a buyer was scheduled to come by our place and pick up the drafting table we were selling on Craigslist. The scene was set for quite a furniture-moving tale...

Filming meant that streets were closed around our entire block for a one-block radius. No minivan was going to be able to simply pull up to our front door, load up and go. So when the proud new owner of our drafting table arrived with her mandatory male friend/heavy-lifter in tow, we all pitched in to make the move. They had had to park several blocks away due to filming and there was no way this 5'x3' steel-and-solid-wood beast was going to be carried the full distance.

So, we hatched a plan to carry the table to the nearest street corner where traffic was permitted. After a long haul down three flights of winding stairs, we were promptly stopped by the film crew as we struggled out of our front door. Seems we would have to remain absolutely quiet and go out and around all of the trucks and equipment in order to get down the street. Shh! But not yet - filming was in session. We waited for "CUT!" then shuffled, vintage drafting table in tow, down the block. When we lapped back, going out around the commotion as instructed, we were stopped again for filming before permitted to schlep on to our destination. Whew!

What struck us as we sent our new friend off in a minivan with the desk was our own story of moving the same drafting table when we purchased it off Craigslist five years ago. When we called to inquire about it, we were told it was at the Queens Theater in the Park. Fair enough. Being Brooklynites, we weren't familiar with the theater but innocently headed there to pick up our great find. On arrival, this is what we found:

Queens Theater in the Park, New York City

Okay, fine. We'll just go in, pay the seller, and carry the desk out the front door. Well, not so fast. Turns out the desk was being stored "backstage". At this theater-on-the-round, "backstage" is actually a narrow circular hallway that wraps the perimeter of the round building. We were led down the curving hallway to the drafting desk, which was situated right by the back door.

Perfect, this is going to be easy. It's right by the door. We lifted the heavy monstrosity and inched forward the three-foot-wide desk, turning it a bit all the while to keep the circular path of the just-over-three-foot-wide hallway. Good thing we wouldn't have to move the desk very far before reaching the door! Then, BANG!. We hit a vertical pipe near the door. It limited our width and try as we might we could not get the desk past the pipe. After much (MUCH!) struggle and contemplation, it became apparent that our only way out with the desk was the loooong way. Yes, we inched the desk around the dark and cluttered perimeter hallway of the theater-on-the-round at Queens Theater in the Park.

It felt like days passed before we circled all the way around the building to the door, loaded up our treasure, and headed home. But we loved the desk that much more for it. We hope its new owner loves it too, in part because of her own desk-moving tale of turmoil and triumph!

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