The Cricket Trailer: A Built To Order Camper

The Cricket Trailer: A Built To Order Camper

Cambria Bold
Aug 20, 2010

Here's the deal: I really like hiking and nature and beautiful scenery and landscape. However, I've never been much of a roughing-it-up-camping kind of girl. Enter the Cricket Trailer: its hard shell exterior provides enough of a shelter without sacrificing access to the outdoors. It's made mostly of aluminum, wood and steel, and the lightweight, aerodynamic design means it can be hitched to your own vehicle. And every Cricket is built to order: start with the shell then add on the features you want!

The Cricket Trailer shell starts at $9,950. Basic additions (like kitchen cabinet with hinged countertop, stainless steel sink, and a hot on demand water heater, among other features) take it up to $13,950, and the deluxe version (which includes a handshower with curtain and tracks, a portable cassette toilet, and furnace with thermostat or air conditioning, among other things) tops out at $16,990.

Here's more info from the website:

The Cricket Trailer is an athletic camping trailer that enables you to go everywhere and provides a comfortable and safe basecamp for all your adventures. It is for anyone who loves the outdoors, anyone who goes camping to get away from home rather than to vacation in a 'house on wheels'. Cricket people want to be in the great outdoors as much as possible, not look at it through a window. Cricket buyers recognize that they are part of an ecology – not apart from it – and want to leave a light footprint.
The hard–shelled exterior of the Cricket affords the camper a new level of comfort and security. This means different things to different people be they empty nesters, new nesters, athletes or friends but a comfortable place to sleep up off the ground, a sheltered kitchen in a rainstorm, a bathroom for the middle of the night, a place to lock your gear while you are off exploring, a cold drink at the end of a hot day and no worries about those pesky Texas tarantulas is appealing to everyone.
Campers on the Gulf Coast love the option to sleep with an AC during the long (hot and extremely humid) summers. Campers in the mountain states can extend their camping season with a furnace. For the serious backpacker, the Cricket is a mobile base camp. Drop it halfway along a through hike or park it at the trail head. Bring along different sorts of gear for different kinds of day trips, so that you can secure your whitewater kayak, mountain bike, or rock climbing gear while you go for a day hike.

Why is it called a "cricket trailer," you ask? Well, a gas spring raises and lowers the roof, and according to Garrett Finney, the initial design looked like the leg of a cricket.

Check it out here.

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