The Cure: Jennifer & Co. - Week Two

The Cure: Jennifer & Co. - Week Two

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 6, 2006

(This is another new experiment in which we get to chart someone's progress as they give their home The Cure. Jennifer and Drew live in Brooklyn and began the process of curing their home just this past week. Let's see what's happening, shall we?)

We started out the week by working on the foyer; we did a deep cleaning,took coats off the coatstand and put them in the closet, and moved my scarves and gloves into one of the bench baskets. Otherwise we're not changing anything, although the foyer will for the time being serve as a loading dock for anything going out of the apartment. We cleaned out the dining room bookcases and removed everything from the walls for now.

We have a dining room game plan: we're going for moderate mod. We'll paint the walls and bookcase white, let the books be the main source of color in the room and get a new pendant lamp to replace our desparately unloved ceiling fan.

I read the first excerpt of the new book and have been thinking about Maxwell's insights on hypernesting and consumption. As we began the cure I saw how much stuff we still hold on to out of guilt. "I can't get rid of that unused journal, that was a gift. I can't let go of that book, I borrowed it from someone I lost touch with."

After some initial anguish during a standoff with the bookshelves, each time a thought like this came up, I just put the item in a box. Three (!) boxes later, there was room in the lower cabinets to store all of the vases that have been haphazardly displayed all over the house.

Another thing that rang true to both my husband Drew and I was the impulse to buy more and more things to help us organize, when we should be consuming less and letting go of what we don't need. When we initially sat down and made a wish list, our first battle cry was "shelving, shelving, shelving!" Now, in just one week we're seeing that we may eventually be able to get rid of some storage pieces and let the walls of our apartment breathe a little. I'm amazed by how much more spacious and calm our apartment already seems.

See you next week -- JenniferJA

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