The Cure: Jennifer & Co. - Week Four

The Cure: Jennifer & Co. - Week Four

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 21, 2006

(This series of posts charts Jennifer and Drew's progress as they give their home The Cure. Jennifer and Drew live in Brooklyn and began their Cure in this post.)

The goals we have set for our apartment seem to have unconsciously reflected where we hope to go with our lives.

See Last Week

We are very close to having the dining room we want - one where we can have relaxed, going-til-all-hours dinner parties but also feel like dinner is an event when it's just us. Other than that, we hope to take big leaps in our home-based business this year, and I want to apply for a Master's degree.

Our son will start walking any minute and needs to have safe space to play with easy pathways to toddle through. And now that he has a schedule, our bedroom can be a refuge again just for us. I don't want to feel so overwhelmed by the minutae of life, but to set up systems that make everything function with less effort.

New Dining Room

We painted the dining room and bookcases white and the dining room seems to be breathing for the first time since we've lived here. My husband, wielder of tools, switched out the near-baroque ceiling fan with a globe pendant lamp we bought on sale at Chiasso, along with a doormat that we hope will set a good tone. (We're still not 100% on the lamp but it's growing on us; let me know what you think).

Exceedingly Dull Bathroom

Three more boxes of books went out, six bags of clothing are waiting to be dropped off at Goodwill. We moved my laundry basket from an old wicker trunk to my closet (which I also organized), so the trunk can be sold or donated. I filed a mess of papers and threw out a whole other mess of them, and we replaced our broken, ridiculous toilet seat. A lot of twenty picture frames won on Ebay (I finally have good Ebay karma because that never happens) will be arriving shortly.

Dull Hallway

We are slowly finding the heart of each room -- we're getting there with the living room, dining room and foyer.

Our son's room is basically done but needs some organization and donation of outgrown items. This leaves us with the exceedingly boring hallway, the even more boring bathroom, and our bedroom, which is not boring but in a bad way -- see previously mentioned chaos.

Bedroom not yet done

We have some ideas for the hallway, but anyone's two cents are welcome. As for the bathroom, we really don't know where to start, other than to admit that "Child Safety" is not a style of decor. The main thing tripping us up is choosing a paint color that will work with the terra cotta colored tiles the last owner installed. I guess what that really means is we're not sure how to make the bathroom a cool place to get ready in the morning and relax in the bath or shower.

See you next week. - Jennifer

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