The Cure: Jennifer & Co. - Week Five

The Cure: Jennifer & Co. - Week Five

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 4, 2006

(This series of posts charts Jennifer and Drew's progress as they give their home The Cure. Jennifer and Drew live in Brooklyn and began their Cure in this post.)

"I've been disappointed at not having more exciting before and after photographs this week, thus the slow dissolve into pure abject procrastination.

One thing that is tough about doing the Cure is weeks like this one, where I know we did a lot, but our apartment doesn't look much different. Or the hallway is spotless but that's because of the evil peekaboo of seven bags stuffed into the closet, waiting for next week's pickup from the Salvation Army. Any suggestions and support out there on how to keep your chin up when you can't see the results?"

"Here's what we did accomplish this week: We have a complete plan for the color scheme of the bedroom and have bought paint. The two metro shelves in the bedroom that we were going to get around to cleaning someday have been gotten around to -- one is bare.

The other is full of boxed-up items that will either end up stored on the shelving we plan to put up or actually used somewhere in the apartment (artwork, audio tapes, etc.) The bags of outgrown baby clothes that we are holding on to are in flat boxes under the bed. My maternity clothes are in a bag in the closet waiting for some nice person my size to get pregnant.

There was one exciting development. The flokati rugs we got through Ebay (yes, Ebay -- I'm happy with them but open to hearing whether this was actually a terrible idea) arrived. One 4 x 6 is under the coffee table where the previous rug was. The second 5 x 8 is covering the Odd, Unused, Open Plain on the living room floor, what was a kind of dead space used mostly as a hallway.

We got the rug mainly so our downstairs neighbor (hi, Mario!) could live without the oppressive sound of our son dropping maracas, spatulas and such on the floor as he toddled through. The result has been astounding. The whole room looks unified, warmer, and now we use that space to sit and play with our son or just hang out. It's an unexpectedly happier place.

We're also planning to put the desk and breakfront in the livingroom into storage and replace them with two beautiful etageres we're being given by family. This may end up happening after our time here is up.

This weekend we're painting the bedroom. After that, home office installation, then fixing up the bathroom and hallway, and a quick spruce on the baby's room. Then we're on the way to done!

See you soon."


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