The Cure: Week 2.5 – Clearing the Path

Today is Earth Day, people! With the rain and the chill, it’s a perfect day to work on the Cure. We’re trying to install a new dishwasher by ourselves, and tonight it’s steak and red wine (we hope). Enjoy your day!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you can’t stand the heat… but from Tuesday’s post it looks like you all can! I am so pleased at the enthusiasm and progress you are all making so far. Good thing, it’s week 2. I’ll keep this thread on the front page over the weekend so you can keep referring to it.

Pics & Links:

Clutter Tip from rachel (in denver):

“Turn the pile of paper over. Start from the bottom – this is the oldest stuff, easiest to recycle/shred/discard. YOu’d be surprised how motivated you get when half your pile is gone off the bat!”

Worksheets are available here. Click here for the Book Blog.