The Cure: Week 3.5 – The Landing Strip

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As we hit the weekend, it’s time to think about getting stuff done tomorrow and finishing it all on Sunday. The Book Blog is here. Tuesday’s post is

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Hola Y Adios table at DWR is elegant and about as slim as you can possibly get. We have used it a number of times with colorful bowls, a lamp and a cork board above it for messages and other loose, important stuff.

Weekend Question: from Melinda

I need a little feedback on something.

The metal door of our apartment (click here for picture) will remain a bulletin board/message center, although we’ll be weeding out some of the crap on a regular basis. It’s also a nifty display for our magnet collection…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What I need are suggestions on how to make it look like something other than the door to our apartment with crap stuck all over it.

I’ve already decided what to do about the ugly clump of phone wires plastered to the left-hand side and the top of the trim. The carpenter who will do the beadboard (haven’t picked one yet) can do something similar to Curtis’ “Hiding Cable in Front of Marble Saddle” thing, and then paint that and the trim the same color.

Bearing in mind that the style I’m working towards is “Urban Rustic”–or as I like to call it, “Soho Shaker”–how do I work that style into defining the door as “bulletin board/message center”?

Would blackboard-colored paint work, or would it be too overwhelming in a small, narrow apartment? As you can see from the credenza and the bed, I have no problems about going for large furniture in a tiny space. more in last post thread

This Week’s Assignment:

Reading Week 3 – The Landing Strip – pps 100-128

Worksheets are available here. Click here for the Book Blog.

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