The Cure: Week 3.0 – The Landing Strip

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

(Pic of the week: Aimee’s living room rocks!)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

keep up the good work! This week – “foyer week” – gives you a bit of a break.

In last week’s post we heard that some of you were looking forward to this week because you thought it would be easier…and you are half right. While kitchens can be a bear to clean out, kitchens are fun. Hall closets are not and paper clutter can cause a melt down. The Landing Strip will save you.

For those of you working on the One Room Remedy, you are researching your shopping list, starting your interior design worksheet end thinking about color (all worksheets are here). The Book Blog is here.

Pics & Links from last week:

Brittany’s photos
Melinda goes to Hoome Depot: Melinda Bruno’s blogging her progress
Ikea shelves chosen by Aimee. We like these and have used them often.
Jen’s cheating and skipping ahead. (That’s not cheating, don’t worry)
Aimee’s blog with more info
It’s going slow for Lisa from VA, but she’s blogging anyway 😉
Andress sends this link for arranging furniture in an awkward room
Photos from Lisa from VA with a call for help
Good wild wallpaper link from Holly of Decor8
This is a mini look book or style tray from Mary. She now keeps all her color samples on her computer. Very interesting idea.
Easy Change Wallpaper link from Lisa in Va

Quote of the Week from Trish M.:

“End Of Weekend Report: Over a thousand comic books gone!

Thank God for that rainy day. I covered my floor with books and did the painstaking task of sorting out what to keep, what to give away, and what to toss. When I thought I had gotten through all the books I found more. TWICE.

From Aquaman to Zatanna… you name it, they were laying around. It was exhausting. And there’s still so much more to look at, file, etc. But at least it’s been winnowed down to a few managable boxes, instead of sprawling into every corner.”

Worksheets are available here. Click here for the Book Blog.