The Cure: Week 4.5 - Retail Therapy

The Cure: Week 4.5 - Retail Therapy

Maxwell Ryan
May 5, 2006

(Pic of the week: We really like Jen's Living Room/Dining Room with its new chalkboard wall)

Have patience and don't let the blues get to you! The biggest challenge of The Eight Step Cure is not the work, it is succumbing to the thought that you aren't doing it well enough, aren't far enough along or that others are doing better than you. If you are doing something, you are doing well. Stay the course.

When you start moving your stuff around you are freeing up old dusty energy that is depressing in its very nature. It will try to get to you, but don't let it. Keep moving. If you do nothing else, scale back your ambitions and keep cleaning out with the Deep Treatment. You will then see your own energy turn around in the next few weeks.

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While it was suggested that you let this take as long as it takes, there is a real point to the 8 weeks. If you are excited and take it longer that is no problem, but if you are having a hard time, stretching for and crossing this finish line is very therapeutic.

When you open up this can of worms, if helps to know that you have a definite endpoint for putting it all away again. If you need to do more, you CAN wait until the Fall Cure.

If you need more support, do look for it here in this thread and we'll do our best to give it to you. For inspiration, keep hold of the thought of all of us having dinner or drinks parties in our homes on the same weekend next month! We hope that you all join us.

Weekend Question: from JonathanB

Well, I certainly agree that fake flowers are not real flowers and real flowers are what's specified. On the other hand, I share the confusion and frustration of dealing with the real ones.

The local florist shop is very nice, but uninspiring. The corner delis offer flowers that seem to be pushing their due dates. The Union Square Green Market is simply overwhelming. Overwhelming enough that I didn't even try the flower district (or what's left of it)

I've come to the conclusion that flower arranging is not a gene linked characteristic for gay guys. Deep down inside I know that pets and plants are high-maintenance dust catchers, and anyway, dust bunnies are the original warm and fuzzy pet. Best of all, you don't have to feed or walk them.

However I am trying to follow the letter of the cure to the best of my ability, so I'm trying Calyx and Corolla, which was recommended in the book, and is certainly the expensive way out.

Any more suggestions for Jonathan?

This Week's Assignment:

This week we send out invitations and get down in the Living Room.

In the Deep Treatment you will be approaching a real bugaboo when it comes to clutter (especially for men): how to edit the music and book collection. Remember that when you open up space by removing the OLD, you welcome the NEW.

For the One Room Remedy, you are looking hard at prices and evaluating your sources, all of which is crucial to getting a grip on good purchasing. You also get to contemplate how much you want to shop at IKEA, but how much you might want to hold off in favor of buying some real Protein Furniture.

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)
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