The Cure: Week 5.0 - Getting Into the Thick of It

The Cure: Week 5.0 - Getting Into the Thick of It

Maxwell Ryan
May 9, 2006

(Pic of the week: Liz is doing great work in Brooklyn!)

Quote of the Week from Jess (BTW we all do this):
"Not to be too therapy-ish, but one deep treatment revelation i've had is the extent to which our apartment has developed more as a product of necessity than design. not a lot of reflection has gone into our space - we've just gone through choosing things that seemed appealing and useful at the time, without a discernible theme in sight. which come to think of it is kinda like my career path."

We actually got into the thick of it last week, but this week we get some good traction under our rear wheels and head into the home stretch.

This week is lighter in one respect, but it shifts the emphasis to taking care of yourself. This is hard for many people. It is easier to get busy than to relax or slow down, but that is exactly what you must do this week. Aside from cleaning up the office area and/or testing paint colors, the big challenge is the Media Fast and Sunday Night 101. Both of these activities require the rearrangement of your inner space. Both of these activities will increase your enjoyment of your home and whoever you share it with.

(Last week's post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)

And remember, the point of the Cure is not to bite off too much and stress yourself out. It is to bite off just enough that you impact your home, develop some new habits and ENJOY your home. Being successful when battling the dust and clutter demons is extremely important. This week take a good long look at what you can accomplish in the next four weeks and take out whatever will keep you from a good, safe landing.

This Week's Assignment:

Deep Treatment - Working throught the Office area, decluttering files, cooking and getting some rest.

One Room Remedy - Ordering from your shopping list, testing paint samples on the wall, finalizing paint choices.

Pics & Links from last week:

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Marva and Brian continue to struggle with their Landing Strip!
Lisa's blogging her Cure here and keeping on going, even though she was in Finals week!
Amber's Pics

Worksheets are available here. Click here for the Book Blog.

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