The Cure: Week 7.0 - Sacred Space

The Cure: Week 7.0 - Sacred Space

Maxwell Ryan
May 24, 2006


Pic of the week: Look what good work Kristie is doing.

This is the Seventh week. Only two more to go.

Deep Treatment: What a good time to get into the bedroom! It is the height of spring cleaning season and the weather is just begging for all the windows to be opened and sheets aired out. Most importantly, make sure that your bedroom inspires you. If it is a cluttered repository of clothing, shoes and everything that is not in your other rooms, edit, edit, edit. And then do something nice for yourself. Purchase a new set of summer sheets. Get yourself an alarm clock that doesn't look like you've had it since college. Keep a decanter of water and a glass by your bedside.

Here's another survey, because I am curious about those who got swamped in the early weeks.

(The last post is here - all Worksheets are here - The Book Blog is here)

Pic of the week: Jess's Portrait Wall

Quote of the Week from rachel (in denver):
"Whoever suggested framing the jewelry hanging on the wall in the blue bathroom, thank you!

I went to a flea market yeterday morning, picked up a wobbly gold frame for $10, used leftover spray paint to make it white, and added corner braces to hold it together. Less than 2 hours later, it's up on the wall, with the jewelry more closely spaced together, and looks great!!"

One-Room Remedy: It's time to cleanup. Of course, if you are waiting for something to arrive or if you are still in the midst, you may have to wait. But begin to move towards the clean up in any way you can. You will need these two weeks to get your room under control. AND, if you aren't finished (but mostly finished) this is the time to do a gut check and see if you push, whether you'll finish in time. If you can, then PUSH. If you don't think you can, you should scale back what you are trying to do and save some of it for another time. I don't want you strung out at the end of next week.

Pics & Links from last week:

Christie's doing great work!
Lisa from VA continues to post great pics
Jess has great pics too
peter and Elizabeth's pics

Worksheets are available here. Click here for the Book Blog.

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