The Daily Scavenger: Southern Edition

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s many great finds across our southern states this morning, but if I had to choose one worth traveling for it’s a bright yellow juke box down in Charlotte. It’s a show stopper in perfect working order. Also note, that if you pick it up before me, we can no longer be friends. True story. It’s that cool.

HOUSTON: Danish Modern Tables — $249
AUSTIN: Coffee Table — $75
DALLAS: Lounge Chairs — $125
DALLAS: Magazine Rack — $20
ATLANTA: Cupboard — $295
ATLANTA: Surfboard Table — $125
ATLANTA: Cigarette Shelf — $150
NEW ORLEANS: Typewriter — $39
NEW ORLEANS: Iron Candle Holder — $35
NEW ORLEANS: Theater Seat — $300
BIRMINGHAM: Dresser/Credenza — $2500
BIRMINGHAM: Antique Trunk — $60
BIRMINGHAM: Cap Guns — $150
BIRMINGHAM: Bookcase — $125
JACKSON: Mirror — $600
JACKSON: Hanging Light — $70
JACKSON: Deco Dish Cabinet — $75
CHARLOTTE: Juke Box — $Best Offer
CHARLOTTE: Fuel Pump — $500
CHARLOTTE: Candelabras — $550

Apartment Therapy is not the seller of these items. This is an edited selection of our favorite offerings from other independent sources. Please check the item’s link for the original source. Happy Scavenging!