The Device Our Girlfriend Didn't Want Us to Review

The Device Our Girlfriend Didn't Want Us to Review

Gregory Han
Jan 27, 2011

So how to put this delicately? The Fyre BoXXX is a speciality set top box which streams a certain type of content which is normally not discussed publicly…but is actually quite popular and prevalent behind closed doors. I think you can infer what's being discussed about here, friends. I received a review unit a few weeks ago and now can report back about the ins and outs of this Apple TV for NSFW content.

Actually, my girlfriend greeted mention about reviewing the Fyre Boxxx (warning: very NSFW content) with bemused acceptance. "It's for work!" was enough of an explanation…thank goodness. I'm going to withhold from doing an in-depth review since we can't really go into detail about specifics without crossing the threshold of G-rated to X-rated content, but here's our general impression of a device perhaps suited for the TV-in-the-bedroom demographic.

As the name implies, the discrete looking Fyre Boxxx offers 20,000 "movies" and 120,000 scenes to search through from a long list of studios specializing in carnal delights. The $89.95 system requires connection to your TV via HDMI or component, while both wireless and Ethernet connections are available for streaming/downloading (a small wi-fi antenna on the back allows for better reception if needed). Once connected, you'll have the option of a la carte rentals or paying a flat monthly, depending on your appetite for this sort of fare (per month is $24.95 while a year-long commitment will drop the rate down to $9.95).

If you're curious, the Live TV is a news report sans clothing.

Everything works like advertised and the Fyre BoXXX menu system is surprisingly intuitive, mimicking the UI gracing more mainstream media devices like the Sony PS3 or Apple TV (Coverflow-style). Of course, considering the content, we're going to skip sharing screenshots of what you can browse through, but rest assured, it's ALL there to consider.

Download speeds via wi-fi was surprisingly fast (we suspect viewers are especially eager to get their content quick when the mood strikes) and resolution ranged from "okay" to "near DVD" quality, depending on source material and network speeds.

The worst remote we've ever used.

On a related note, over next door at this year's CES at the AVN trade show, FyreTV announced the launch of HD Fyre BoXXX, which adds HD content, iPhone/iPad viewing, desktop streaming and new design. The updated product also improves upon one of the biggest criticisms of the original system we tested: the remote control. The included remote is possibly the worst remote we've used since the days of the first wireless clickers. Pressing it requires a thumb wrestler's strength and the range is unimpressive, whether you're operating it with both hands Not that we were expecting a Logitech remote, but we're hoping the new HD system's updated remote addresses the issue.

Is the Fyre BoXXX a recommendable product? Like any sex-related product it's really up to the individual to decide. Would we pay a monthly fee for content we can find online for free? Probably not. But the Fyre Boxxx delivers what it advertises to provide with relative ease and could easily replace those cable company subscriptions to similar adult entertainment channels with far more options, fast streaming speeds and at a lower cost.

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