The Dividing Line in a Bathroom

The Dividing Line in a Bathroom

Gregory Han
Jun 16, 2009

Although the Los Angeles team of editors live miles apart, we often exchange links, posts and ideas via IM and email. This morning the buzz amongst our team was about a section of the S&A Home designed by Nestor Espinosa Mitjanas. The Valencia, Spain house in itself is impressive, if not quite spacious and luxurious in execution and scale. But the detail that had our team trading opinions was about the bathroom, where the shower and toilet sections are divided only by a sheet of frosted glass...

"I don't like the fact that one could possibly get wet while using the restroom and the other is in the shower, or the fact that they face each other (although the glass is frosted, it's still weird for me)", was Beth's opinion about Nestor Espinosa Mitjanas S&A Home's bathroom.

Grace eloquently shares, "I am getting a 'peeing in the shower' vibe from the layout, for sure. You could do a poll about that!". Well Grace, here's the poll asking everyone if they could deal with living with a bathroom where the shower and the toilet are practically a shared space like this (so blame her if this doesn't appeal to your sense of decorum).

Personally, I don't find this all too different than most bathrooms where the shower is situated next to the toilet and the only barrier is...a frost piece of glass. Mitjanas' design simply incorporates the typical arrangement in a more integrated, form elegant layout. But then again, maybe I just wouldn't mind the show from the "seated section" and find Mitjanas' design elegant compared to most shower-in-a-tiny-cramped-box bathrooms. I also don't tend to use the bathroom while another person is "using it" either, so Beth and Grace's worries seem less of an issue. What do you think?

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