The Downtown Chalet by Jane Mount

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)


DESIGNED FOR A young Swiss expat living in NYC and working for an art dealer.

INSPIRED BY The mountains, food, and design sense of Switzerland. A cozy, eclectic space to escape the stress of the city.

Jane, an artist, product strategist, designer and entrepreneur, has exhibited her work in various cities throughout the U.S. She is the co-founder of Loadbearing, a company that designs customizable Swiss shelving.

Click Here for All Three Windows and Voting Jane has been an active member of the Apartment Therapy community:

• Smallest Coolest 2006

• Smallest Coolest 2006

Jane would like to thank the illustrators, artists and designers who contributed work to her window:

Alyssa Zygmunt, who made the 36 white ceramic gnomes for me —

Gallery Street, who made the Swiss alps custom wallpaper from my own photo, and who also do all kinds of giclee printing —

Jason Polan, an artist who drew some art especially for the window —

Shawn Creeden, another artist whose drawing is featured —

20×200, where I got most of the inexpensive limited edition prints I used above the fireplace —

Window Pics: Kristy May