The Dream Iphone Pro: The Ultimate Cell Phone?

The Dream Iphone Pro: The Ultimate Cell Phone?

Range Govindan
Feb 20, 2009

Ever since the iPhone came out, cell phone manufacturers have been trying to come up with a viable competitor. Until now, the verdict isn't out. It's agreed that the Apple iPhone interface and form factor are hard to beat. The GUI is probably one of the slickest on the market right now, and Apple continually tries to improve upon this. Iphone users love their phones. It's a great machine packed with great features, but it's got its faults. The iPhone Pro seeks to correct these faults.

Most critics agree that the iPhone has three big problems. The lack of a physical keyboard, lack of a good camera and not enough storage space. The last one is tied to the fact that Apple doesn't include an SD or microSD card slot into their product. The camera is a major fault for some people. I've stopped carrying around a point-and-shoot and use my phone exclusively to take pictures. You need a decent MP count in order to do this. This concept was created by Mat Brady. He initially wanted to get rid of his Nokia N95, but couldn't get himself to buy an iPhone for those three aforementioned reasons.

3G rocks, but using that feature in other countries will bleed you dry, thanks to AT&T. That means no Google Maps, Gmail or Facebook while you're traveling about. Naturally, this isn't the iPhone's fault, but it is in a way since AT&T is the only vendor with this phone. Mat's concept is called the iPhone Elite. It's got 60GB of storage, true 16:9 aspect ratio, a slide-out keyboard, a one MP front camera to video chat, and a high quality camera in the main body. This concept was improved by Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo. He added a direction pad and two buttons. Jesus mentions that he wanted to make it like a Nintendo DS.

I don't know about the gaming features that Gizmodo added, but the one that Mat designed is something that is doable and should be produced, along with an iPhone Nano. It's something that will push the iPhone into the smartphone market with a bang. That's one reason why people still love their Crackberries. The keyboard, that is so essential to email and chatting. What would be the essential features that you'd want on an iPhone Pro? [via Gizmodo, photos by Jesus Diaz and Mat Brady]

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