The Dustpan Vacuum

The Dustpan Vacuum

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 18, 2010

Call us crazy, but we actually love sweeping. Maybe it's the instant gratification or the fact that we are no longer stepping on dirt and crumbs throughout the house, but we just love it. What we don't love is the act of sweeping the dirt into the dust pan. We can never quite get all of it and frankly, it drives us crazy.

It drives us so crazy, that whatever we can't get, we turn a blind eye and sweep it into a corner! Yeah, we said it, we sweep the remaining dust and dirt into a corner (or just kind of sweep it around, so it sort of disappears).

The Dustpan Vacuum is an item that we're paying very close attention to right now. It was designed by IlGu Cha and still in concept form, the Dustpan Vacuum could be really handy around the house. It certainly looks a lot cooler than anything on the market right now &mdash hello dirt devil.

It may be a little smaller than the average stationary dustpan, but, it sucks (dirt) so that's what makes it better. You'll still have to bend down and use your broom to sweep the dirt in the Dustpan Vacuum's direction, but it'll take care it from there. The item is powered by batteries in the handle and that also happens to be the same place that the dirt ends up. Obviously the dirt is collected positioned before the chamber that the battery is held in.

There are no specifics available about materials used, or what type of battery is needed &mdash but we're hoping this will become available soon. It's a product that would be welcome in our home.

[via Yanko Design]

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