The Absolute Easiest Daily Workout for Desk Jockeys

The Absolute Easiest Daily Workout for Desk Jockeys

Gregory Han
May 5, 2011

Summer is just around the corner and we know we're not getting any more fit despite our manly mousing grip of steel and our lightning speed keyboard tapping agility. Getting into better shape is probably on your mind too, but what to do when time is your most limited commodity? One of our team at our NYC home offices isn't taking the issue sitting down any more, creating a makeshift standup desk, while another one of us is busy connecting with her fitter self via motion detection. Sure, there are apps, games and other tech tools to help remind you to get up and get the blood flowing, but we've committed to a nearly trouble-free system that works perfect with our online lifestyle...

Somebody...ahem...still needs to lose some weight.

We've done the whole 3-5 days a week gym routine, have trainer and run a couple half marathons, and even done one of those infommercial workout systems (Insanity is no joke and we loved it, but we had to stop after moving to the new apartment with a more noise sensitive neighbor down below). There's no real secret to getting into shape except commitment and repetition, interjected with a chance of routine every few weeks to keep muscles confused and yourself free from the onset of boredom.

But what to do if you hate working out, have no plans of ever running regularly, let alone a race, and those TV workout commercials just make you reach for the clicker before you can say "P90X"? We're going to propose you try something new. A short while ago we were skimming information about personal trainers and different workout regimens when we noted someone reporting back they had been able to improve their chin-up totals from barely "1" to an impressive "22" in just two month's time. Their secret? It's so ridiculously simple and perfect for anyone who works behind a computer, that we started right then and there. Here's the one step workout program:

1. Every time you go to the bathroom, you must do 10 repetitions of an exercise upon return.

That's it! Do this every time, no matter whether it's after brushing your teeth, showering, or...ahem...after taking care of other business (and make sure you do it afterward, not before, or the only working out you'll be doing is washing up the floor). By the very nature of your bodily functions you'll likely do at least 2-3 sets of exercises during the day time. If you're a coffee drinker, probably a lot more!

Pullups with a backpack filled with canned goods is the poorman's gym!

We like to do pushups, kettlebell squats, or burpees since they all pack in a greater amount of muscles all at once, but you can do something as simple as 10 jumping jacks, calve raises or circular arm rotations; you can either focus on improving a single muscle/exercise or mix it up to hit a wider group of muscles (we're now thinking of re-installing a pullup bar for this very reason). Stick with this routine for two weeks, then bump up the repetitions by 2-5, depending on how you're feeling. Any time the exercise becomes easy, throw in a couple more reps or switch to a different exercise, continue to cycle through them and keep yourself challenged. You won't find yourself ripped, but stick with this one promise to yourself and the next thing you know you'll feel less stressed, will sleep better and feel less aches without a single visit to the gym.

Other ways to stay fit for the deskbound:

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