The Emotional Business of Buying a Home

The Emotional Business of Buying a Home

Kim R. McCormick
Aug 11, 2011

While there are many very important practical aspects of buying a house or condo, a lot of emotion goes into it as well. In addition to stress, anticipation, and maybe an occasional bout of anger, there is the simple fact that you can get attached to one particular property or another. After all, it might be your home for a long time.

I've watched my parents hunt for a property for at least a year and have seen their highs and lows. Once, they got all the way to the inspection, only to have the inspector miss outdated knob and tube wiring that they learned would make it nearly impossible to get insurance. The seller refused to change it, and my parents were out the door very disappointed. More recently, they found a property with a significantly lowered asking price, and their bid was informally accepted. The next day, the seller changed his mind, and my parents' excitement turned to frustration and disbelief.

Knowing their experience has helped me shape how I approach my own. My fiancĂ© and I are under contract for a house, and the two things that have kept me even-keeled are a certain level of detachment — because I know that, from loans to home inspections, almost anything can happen — and my realtor's competence.

Have you had a particularly emotional experience buying a home? What helped you keep your cool during the process?

Image: Molly Anderson/APAK's Creative Commons House Tour

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