The 5 Essentials You Need to Tackle Your Least Favorite Bathroom Chore

published Oct 6, 2017
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It’s official: Cleaning the bathroom is a nasty job. In a recent reader survey, the largest group — 13.3 percent — said that scrubbing the shower or tub was their least favorite chore.

But just like buying a new pair of leggings can give you a kick to get exercising, arming yourself with a cleaning kit just might get you jazzed to take on the task. To make easy work of a tough job, here’s the 5-part pack I’d recommend (for around $38, out the door).

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A Solid Shower Spray

Time is your friend when you’re cleaning the bathroom. Spray a cleaning solution generously all over the shower and tub and let it sit and lift up all the grit and grime while you handle something else.

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A Long-Reach Scrub Brush

The scrubbing is the hardest part. Once the cleaning spray has been on for at least 15 minutes, get yourself a brush with a long handle so you can cover more area with less effort.

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A Detail Scrub Brush

For the stubborn spots your workhorse long-handled scrubber can’t reach, you’re going to want a tiny detail brush to clear out any gunk still left at the corners, around fixtures and in shower door tracks.

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If you’d rather just buy one brush…

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A Grout Pen

Sometimes a shower spray isn’t enough to keep your grout looking sparkling clean. For that, try out a bleach-powered grout pen. Use it to “draw” along your yucky grout lines, then follow behind with a quick scrub of your detail brush.

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A Shower Head Attachment

If you have a shower head hose as part of your permanent bathroom fixtures, you know how handy it can be for rinsing down after a thorough shower scrub. So for those of us who don’t, grab an inexpensive shower hose attachment. If you’ve ever tried to use one of these to, you know, actually take a shower, you know they can be dubious and finicky to attach. But for just a second to rinse after a clean, they’re a lifesaver.