The Fall 2009 Green Cure: Join Us Next Week!

The Fall 2009 Green Cure: Join Us Next Week!

Cambria Bold
Oct 7, 2009

Last Spring sara.cali from our Flickr Pool showed off some lovely flowers, and a four legged friend!

• Cure Clock: 5 days till start!
• Assignment: Buy or borrow the book! and read to pg. 51

Yes! The time has finally come. The first official Green Cure is launching next Monday, and there's no time like the present to make your home beautiful and healthy. It's not just about organizing your home; it's about managing your consumption and reducing the amount of "stuff" you have. It's about discovering what you love and need in your home and forming new habits that will help you live lighter, cleaner, and better. And that's what the Green Cure is all about...

The Cure is essentially 8 weeks of assignments that help you focus on making your home a place you love to be in. We post assignments and updates a couple of times each week on the site and ask that you to submit photos of your progress so that we can all share in the process. Together we help motivate and inspire one another throughout the 8 weeks. And don't worry, none of us has ever done it perfectly, but we've all made progress and that's what's important.

If you've never done the Cure before, we'd love to have you join this time! This year we're doing a specific "Green Cure" for the very first time. How is it different than the original Cure? Well, we're going to try to fully embrace a holistic approach to the home as we go through and cure it, and we'll be making extra effort to always take the "green" way if there is one. Your home should be a restful and welcoming retreat: healthy, uncluttered, comfortable. With most of us paring down and spending more time at home it's more important than ever to have a space to unwind and spend time alone or with friends. No matter the size and current state of your home, you can make it into a place you love to be.

Our overall goal?
To invest in our own homes through either elbow grease, money or both and make our own homes beautiful, healthy and organized.

Here's how it all works:

• One Cure page to tie together all the posts, both Original and Green.
• Cure emails to stay in touch with you even if you don't make it to the blog.
• Local Cure discussion boards so that you can chat and organize locally.

Ready to sign up!

Head over to the Cure Main Page and join us as we all change our lives over the next eight weeks.

>> Fall Cure 2009 Main Page

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