The Fall 2009 Green Cure Starts on Monday!

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The Fall 2009 Green Cure page launches on Monday, October 5th! Do you feel like your home has gotten a bit disorganized and unhealthy? Do you have home repair projects that have been hanging over your head? Clothes and household items to donate? Do you feel a little depressed when you come home, like you just have too much “stuff” and none of it really speaks to you? We hear you. And we think you should join the Green Cure. Not sure what the Cure is? We’ve got all the answers…

Having a beautiful, organized and healthy home is a vital part of living a green lifestyle. We make choices everyday that have an impact on our personal health and on the environment. We lead busy lives, full of movement and stress, and we need to make a conscious effort to slow down and create space for ourselves. Your home should be a restful and welcoming retreat: healthy, uncluttered, comfortable. With most of us paring down and spending more time at home it’s more important than ever to have a space to unwind and spend time alone or with friends. Your home can inspire you with room for your favorite activities. Even if you live in a very, very small space your home can still support the life you want.

If you’ve never done the Cure before there’s no time like the present. This year we’re doing a specific “Green Cure” for the very first time. How is it different than the original Cure? Well, we’re going to try to fully embrace a holistic approach to the home as we go through and “cure” it, and we’ll be making extra effort to always take the “green” way if there is one.

The Cure is essentially 8 weeks of assignments that help you focus on making your home a place you love to be in. We post assignments and updates a couple of times each week on the site and ask that you to submit photos of your progress so that we can all share in the process. Together we help motivate and inspire one another throughout the 8 weeks. And don’t worry, none of us has ever done it perfectly, but we’ve all made progress and that’s what’s important.

The 8 weeks are based on the book that Maxwell wrote inspired by his experiences with interior design clients. The book goes more in depth than our posts will (since they’re meant to augment rather than replace the chapters in the book), so you can reserve your copy of the book at the library or buy the Apartment Therapy 8 Step Home Cure via Amazon.

Curious to see how it works? Check out our page for the Spring 2009 Cure which happened last April. (This was the Original Cure, and not the Green Cure.)

We hope many of you will join, so that we can all go through this together!

See you on Monday!

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