The Fall Cure: Clearing The Path

The Fall Cure: Clearing The Path

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 19, 2009

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I love doing the Cure. Twice a year I have this great excuse to upend everything, move everything around, buy a few new things and feel the energy come washing back into our home. This weekend Sara Kate started in on our kitchen and I totally lost focus and worked on the bedroom, living room AND bathroom. However, our apartment's so small they're all really connected to one another... Oh, but before I go on, here's a little survey to see who we've got out there. This will tell you a lot about how easy it is for you to get rid of stuff, or how hard it is for you to get into nesting....


If you checked "Warm" you may find it hard to let go of things and feel an strong sense of attachment to both objects and people. This is your strength and your weakness. You are a feeling person and as much as you may love all your stuff and feel that the very "character" of your home is made up of it, you will overlook the degree to which it may be bringing you down, burdening you with weight (both real and psychic) and otherwise getting in the way of THINGS YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. That's the important thing - doing those things you want to do.

Your goal? Attach yourself to the dreams, plans and people that really matter by letting go of the old stuff.


If you checked "Cool" you may think that you don't have big problems with stuff or that you are smarter than all the others who checked "Warm" at this point. Best not to be too smug, for your coolness is YOUR strength and your weakness. You are a thinking person, and as much as you are NOT too attached to your stuff, your home may need a little bit of heat, a little TLC and your attention to make it the comfortable place you desire.

If you're cool, you may need a little help moving IN, finishing up and keeping your space clean and cozy, as opposed to dusty and uncomfortable. You may not cook very often and your fridge may be empty.

Your goal? Remember your dream for your home, think of this as a totally doable new puzzle that you are going to figure out and don't underestimate how big a deal it's going to be when you transform your home. And the first step is rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty - you will be surprised how much fun it is.

Not Sure?

Don't worry about it right now, but I guarantee you you'll know by the end of these eight weeks. :-)


The funny thing is that of all the things I told myself I'd do this past weekend, the one thing I really didn't get to was letting go of stuff. I was going to clean out the bedroom closet and our front closet for old clothes that I no longer wear (and then I was going to buy myself a new winter coat), but I never did it.

Why? I ask myself, because it's harder to take something OLD out than to bring something NEW in. But you have to. Otherwise, your new stuff just finds itself breaking against the rocks of your old stuff.

But even I still don't do it automatically.

But this is what I did do.

The big thing was that I FINALLY bought a cordless drill for our home. I bought a DeWalt 12volt cordless drill that's pretty compact, powerful, AND - best of all - it's got a cool feature I've never seen: an LED light for dark spaces. For some reason, although I've got lots of tools at work, I've never really treated myself to a "home" set and having this new toy allowed me to really get a lot more done.


  1. Removed the big picture over the head of our bed - moved it to living room.
  2. Removed other picture in our bedroom and moved it to Ursula's room.
  3. Brought picture from living room and hung it in bedroom.
  4. Cleaned off the tops of our dressers.

Living Room:

  1. Rearranged the living room
  2. Removed Ursula's blocks to her room

Ursula's Room

  1. Rearranged her toys (removed one basket)
  2. Moved blocks in from living room
  3. Removed all of her changing table stuff off the dresser (she no longer needs it)
  4. Moved all of her books to the top of her dresser


  1. Removed all of the towel hooks that have been falling off slowly since I installed them last year
  2. Boiled them and stripped them down with new drill attachment.

I ran out of time last night so I wasn't able to finish up in the bathroom, but should be able to complete it this week before moving back into the bedroom for the duration.

In the beginning I find you just need to create a little whirlwind of activity and touch a lot of parts of your house at once. Having done it, I'm now ready to settle down and put into action my plans for the bedroom.....

[writing still in process RIGHT NOW.... will continue to republish every 10 minutes or so until I'm done...:-)]


What's your hardest thing to let go of?


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