The Fall Cure: Clearing the Path

The Fall Cure: Clearing the Path

Abby Stone
Oct 23, 2009

Nicolezh is in the kitchen and deciding about the box she just hung, we're swooning over her open shelving

• Cure Clock: 6.5 weeks to go
• Assignment: Read Read Week Two, pp. 70-99
• Members: 1653 and growing!
Wow, two down, six to go. You're starting to get into a rhythm, starting to see the results of what a good cleaning and clearing out can do to your home, starting to look at ye olde homestead in a new light and appreciate some of her finer qualities. Gotta say, we're liking what we're seeing...

For some of you, finding the TIME to do the Cure chores is the challenge. You've got a big project at work or maybe some friends are in town that you haven't seen in a while. So part of what Laure and I decided we'd concentrate on is pulling out the essence of each week's tasks so that you don't fall behind and then give up because really, OMG how are you going to ever catch up? So here's the key points, things that you can do in a few hours spread out over the weekend (and by few, we mean 4 or less):
Bring something in: Flowers and food are two things that are about bringing life and energy into your home. Even if you're not a cook, you can boil water and make pasta. Toppings can be as simple as butter and cheese or get creative. Pasta can take pretty much anything. Looking for something to do while you're waiting for the water to boil? Clean out one shelf in your kitchen cupboard or your refrigerator.
...and put something out: Start an outbox (as simple as a paper bag in the corner) and, as you come across stuff, whether it's old mail or a knick-knack you're unsure of, put it here for now. Remember, you're not tossing stuff, you're just taking it out so you can see what your space looks like without it. You can always put it back. We like to start our outbox in the kitchen as we're cleaning it out, tossing in gadgets we don't use and old cans of food.
Figure out what activities go in each room: What do you do now in each room? What would you like to do? Once you've got this down, floor plans come much easier. Kitchens and bathrooms are very activity-specific. Make your other rooms just as activity-specific and keeping things neat will be easier.
Fix one thing in your home yourself: Keep it simple: tighten a screw that's been loose, reattach a doorknob that's fallen off, oil a squeaky hinge.

Laure's pulled some pictures so we can laud you all on job well done. (BTW, if you're especially proud of something, you can send your pix directy to me or her).

Apt. 11 has an awesome style tray happening. Remember that it's important to have a vision for where you want to go. This way you can keep track of what's most important when you start getting bogged down with the small stuff.

großstadtnomadin wants to warm up the bedroom--maybe some color on the bed. But this week they added some fresh eucalyptus branches to literally breathe some fresh life into the space!

harlie wants to focus on the entryway and working within the confines of that doorway!

We found a link to this great inspiration board and overall have been so impressed with the inspiration everyone has. Can't wait to see it all translated!

purple plum is doing a one room treatment to warm up and organize this workspace

catcam made fresh flowers happen this week and put them in double old fashions

As Ivystyle embarks on a journey into the kitchen, they're using this poster to keep them focused on the task at hand. Remember, no need to bite off more than you can chew!

We heard from so many of you we wish we could post every single picture! But we loved what Annie1989 shared: After week one, I have bought lovely local Fall sunflowers, deep cleaned my laundry room pantry, deep cleaned a hall drawer, sold an oversixed winerack that wasn't working in my dining room, searched my saved images for inspiration, particularly for my kitchen. I'm also stripping an old cabinet that houses my Holly Hobbie collection and this weekend I removed the doors & hardware. Phew. I'm so glad I signed up to give myself some definitive goals and direction.

Can I take some time for my home today?

Here are some tasks you can do that take 15 minutes or less (we like to set a timer or take care of these tasks while we talk on the phone): clean a shelf, boil a pot of water for pasta, quick mop the floor, make the bed, cull old magazines, take out the garbage, arrange a vase of flowers, wash a sink full of dishes, go through old spices, arrange your tupperware, rearrange a shelf of dishes. What else can you do in 15 minutes?


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