The Fall Cure: Graduation, Fall '06

The Fall Cure: Graduation, Fall '06

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 4, 2006

B'lyn Jaquelyn's Landing Strip is small,lovely and includes a wall stencil!
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Good Quotes:
Can a person be tired and invigorated at the same time? There wasn't a choice in the survey for "tired but happy", which is what I would have picked if I could. - Smallcitybeth in Canada

Congratulations, Cure Class of Fall '06! I have to admit to having had a challenging time keeping up with you and all your comments, but have been continually inspired by what a supportive, enthusiastic AND productive class you have been. I have also been impressed with how many Canadians we had this time (what is going on up North, eh?).

As you head on into the new year remember that this has been the "easy" part and that the real challenge lies ahead. Everything you have learned and/or done will carry forward but you will be alone as you continue to look after and improve your home (unless, of course, you join us for another Group Cure). Keep going! Rather than let you home slip back into its old ways, keep working in little ways each day and you will enjoy more and more energy returned to you from your more vital home...

It is these daily habits that really keep you home in shape. In the final section of the AT Book you will find instructions for carrying the Cure forward. Use these and add to them with your own.

Without further ado, I present to the blog those who have worked and revealed to us as the Class of Fall '06 and announce the next Cure to start on Monday, March 5th:

Cure Class of '06:
Anne in Reno after Curing her new home
Opponax says she's only 91% done, but it looks great
Graduate student Amy in Richmond is done with phase one!
Tara has a nice style tray...but we'd like to see more ;-)
Anna in Saskatchewan has tackled A LOT and says she's still got a bit more to do
Abby fell behind a bit, says she's really satisfied with all her progress
Cathy in MN's before and after slideshow!
Skywaykate's photoshop skills were invaluable. She promises to continue.
Alana in Canada is done and has a slideshow featuring her kitchen with its "winter" colour scheme
Marilyn's final Cure pix are lovely, even though she says she's not entirely done
SmallcityBeth in Canada's final slideshow is a virtual housetour!
MamaChilanga's hallway is as beautiful and colorful as her living room
More ideas and pix from Alana in Canada

Good Quotes:
Well, kids, I guess something must have worked right. I was mostly finished with my cure when a Realtor friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to sell my "cured" place. I said that I had thought about downsizing off and on over the last year. She said she had a cash buyer waiting for me if I wanted to sell. I said I needed xxx number of dollars. She said "no problem". They came to look and I had a full price sale the next day. - Windwolf

We don't know much about Renaluke, but we love her intriguing bathroom Cure which cost $35

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