The Fall Cure: Join Us Next Week!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Posted last Spring Kiki Clark did an amazing makeover of her bedroom, forever recorded here.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

• Cure Clock: 5 days till start

• Assignment: Buy or borrow the book!

It’s tiiiiiiime people! Time to crank up the engines again, get down and dirty with your home and do something fabulous that you’ve been dying to do before Christmas rolls around and it’s all over. This time we’ve spiffed up our process a bit and added a new challenge, The Green Cure….

For those of you who are new, starting next week we’re beginning a home makeover project by following the eight chapters of our book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure, and, because many hands make light work, we’re doing it together.

The goal? To invest in our own homes through either elbow grease, money or both and make our own homes beautiful, healthy and organized.

This time we’re keeping the big changes we made last Spring, but tightening them up:

• One Cure page to tie together all the posts
• Cure emails to stay in touch with you even if you don’t make it to the blog
• Local Cure discussion boards so that you can chat and organize locally

• Introducing our first official Green Cure for our Re-Nest readers and those who want to try to go totally green for eight weeks

Ready to check it out? Ready to sign up?

Head over to the Cure Main Page and join us as we all change our lives over the next eight weeks.