The Fall Cure: Light Therapy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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I can’t believe that we’re already heading down the final stretch! Now’s the time to work very hard and make sure you are doing all you can. This is a good time of year to WANT to fix up your home, but with the holidays coming, there’s a lot to do. I say work hard and rest after. This is your moment to do this work and it will pass. Go for it.


In the deep treatment the overall theme is peacefulness. As you clean out your bathroom(s), I want you to get to a point where you are able to put some calming luxury back into them. If you don’t have them already, there are some purchases to be made here that can change your bathroom experience.

In the One Room Remedy take a good look at the lighting in your home. I find that most homes are underlit and that most that seem drab or uninspired could be turned around simply by addressing the lighting alone. Get adventurous! Lighting can be very affordable and different kinds of lights will really make your home leap to life. Oh, and there’s some painting to do this week for some. Enjoy our small tutorial on how to paint a room. It’s basic, but we find that it always helps to remember it when we’re painting a room.


I did manage to set a really nice table on Saturday night when Sara cooked two turkeys for guests (they were testers from Martha Stewart and Williams-Sonoma). My inspiration all came from leaves outside our family home on Long Island.

The long and the short of it is that our house has been hit by sickness with double nights of Ursula throwing up, which has thrown me off my stride. I didn’t get anything done this weekend. Which leads me to “How To Deal With Being Set Back.”

Being set back is inevitable, it is always going to happen at least once in every cure (or in anything you do). The secret is to:

3. and jump back into your project as soon as you can.

My main thing is that I’ve got to get the felt for the headboard and the glass for the side tables ordered pronto, or I’m not going to get all my materials in time to finish.

I took the measurements last Thursday, meant to work on the sidetables over the weekend and order yesterday, but I’m going to get those two orders in today. In fact, I’m going to cut this post a bit short and do it right now.


What room in your home is the most in need of a lighting overhaul?


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