The Fall Cure: Sacred Space

The Fall Cure: Sacred Space

Laure Joliet
Nov 27, 2009

soft serve girl/ added a new beautiful blue to her bedroom walls. Anyone else ready for a nap in this calm room?

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There's a moment in the movie Blind Side that's also in the trailer. Leah Anne Touhy (Sandra Bullock) shows Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) where he'll be sleeping. I've never had one before, he says, to which she replies, A bedroom? No, he answers, a bed.

michpc26 bought new linens for the guest bedroom, but it's the kitty who enjoys it the most.

A bed, let alone a bedroom, is fundamental to our well being. At its most basic, its the place where we sleep. When we're tired, we're beat, we're dead to the world, we literally can't function. Bedrooms also mark many of our rites of passage. My twin niece and nephew are moving into separate bedrooms within the next few weeks; they're no longer little kids. It's a moment of intimacy in a relationship when you invite someone into your bedroom for the first time, hoping it'll pass muster. Maybe there was a moment of triumph when you reclaimed your bed as your own after a breakup. You know you've truly become a parent the night you first share your bed with your child. We recover here, we show love here, we rest here. It sets the foundation for conquering the world.

ishtar olivera has created a handy workstation for the kids to use. We love the bright colors and minimal clutter!

Earlier this week Sarah shared the changes she made in her bedroom. They're easy to make yourself and most of them require minimal expenditure in both time and money: clean and declutter, put away the clothes, move the books out. Given an hour or two you can easily transform your room. Check out this post for some more ideas on how to spruce up your bedroom without buying anything new. What is the state of your bedroom now and how it is reflected in your life? When I first moved into my home, my bedroom was a jumble sale of clothes and mismatched furniture; my life was equally chaotic. As I began to fix up my bedroom, take care of myself, pamper myself, I noticed that that self-care translated into how I took care of myself when dealing with the outside world.

We can't wait to see what hard core curer Jessica does with her bedroom.

This week, whether you're hanging art, fixing your bedroom or cleaning up, is about putting the final touches on your home, taking a step beyond. Do you need art? Do you need nice sheets? Well, no, you can argue that they're not fundamental to life but it's those little things that transform your home into your haven. They make a difference in the quality of your life.

If you cannot pamper yourself anywhere else, pamper yourself here. Spoiling yourself with luxuries here will have the most impact on your well-being. Waking up in nice sheets (I like Bed Bath & Beyond's Hotel line with a sateen finish - awesomely soft and reasonably priced), after sleeping on comfortable pillows (Ikea is a surprising resource) in a clean and orderly room, surrounded by the things (maybe even the people) you love, is the best way to start the day. And, when I walk into my bedroom after a long day -- with the bed made and the night tables and dresser clear of clutter -- I feel better. The day may have been awful but I will find solace in my bed, buried under my down comforter, safe from the real and imagined boogeyman, where I can dream and plan and set goals for the future.

bossykena: I've cleaned up the junk that had accumulated on this bookcase, and arranged the art. With everything neatly arranged, I'm much more inspired to draw or paint. The red box is meant for incense, but holds paintbrushes.

This weeks question/comment:
What step can I take today that'll take me closer to my dream?

michpc26 is also working on the office area. This is a during and we like it already.

Some suggestions: start a blog, sign up for a photography class, make an appointment to talk to someone who's already doing it, write three pages, work on your resume, tweak your Linkedin profile, create a storyboard for your short film, drink one extra glass of water, do a 5 block run/walk, set up an automatic savings plan at your bank, read the first chapter, clean for 15 minutes, plan your holiday menu, set a dinner with a friend you haven't seen in a while, check airline prices, accept a date, book a singing lesson, start a band.

k2yhe finished their credneza project. Yay for minimal interiors!



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