The Fall Cure: The Landing Strip

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Read more about our problematic 12′ Landing Strip below!
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

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The Cure this week as Maxwell told us on Monday, is all about the Landing Strip and the filtering of objects as they come into your home. It can sometimes be a trial and error process to find the exact set up that stops all your clutter at the door and keeps the inside of your home free from the travels of the outside world. This week in my own home I’m struggling with…

…this very same thing. We have a very long hallway before entering the rest of our living space and although it sounds ideal (allowing for a landing strip of any shape and size), it has actually left my husband and I wishing for the exact opposite. The hallway serves as part open laundry room and part library as one whole wall is dedicated to nothing but books. At the end of this hallway is yet another long narrow area (which is shown in the opening image), that you must pass through before making it into our “real” space, hopefully you can forgive our icky overhead lighting that we’ll work on later on in the Cure.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Vintage glassware from my Grandmother holds our keys and any outgoing mail.

Because of this, we have ended up creating a landing area for our things that’s a bit more inside than we’re used to, and it stretches almost 12 feet in length! You can see our last loft space and it’s entrance area here. We had hooks for coats, a bench for shoes, bags, and mail plus a place to hang our dog’s leashes. It was all right there and matter of fact and we didn’t realize how glorious it truly was to leave all of our things at the door, until we moved into a space that doesn’t quite allow for the same arrangement.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Our vintage library magazine rack has been with us in every home my husband and I have had. It’s always near the door so our magazines don’t get tossed onto tables or countertops. When it’s full –to the recycling bin they go! We only keep issues we want or can’t find online.

It’s been a new challenge for us, but I wanted to show you that even if you don’t have one specific spot where everything goes, it can work in multiple places, as long as they’re close by. Landing strips only work if you train yourself to use them and grow accustomed to setting down parcels right inside the door and making sure your keys come out of your coat pocket and get set aside. It also frees your mind of the anxiety that comes when you need to find that certain bill to put in the mail, the Netflix that need to go out, or even where you left your shoes last (which we’re still guilty of misplacing on a daily basis).

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Cure member Jenicra has done a fabulous job of creating an area that holds all her essentials. There’s even a place to hang a coat or jacket, without having to rely on a closet.

This week we’re also trying to tackle color choices for spaces that need a bit of a boost. Here’s a few tips when trying to pin down your exact shade so it doesn’t weigh you down through the remaining weeks:

Carry A Camera: Even if it’s on your cell phone, if you’re out and about and see a color that you just love and adore, or catch yourself glancing back at again, take a picture and check it out when you get home. The colors we see outside of our home don’t just have to be in magazines and online.

Look For Themes: Check your style tray, your inspiration folder or that pile of magazines in your bathroom you’re still trying to flip through. See if you’re attracted to the same thing more than once. Even if you saved the picture because you liked the sofa and not the wall color, it can still count!

Test With White: Small paint samples are available everywhere now and are a great way to test a color out. To get the best idea of what shade it really is in your space, tape white poster board around each side of your testing area, so your existing wall color doesn’t interfere!

Wait A Week: If you like a color today, you should still like it in a week. Even if you aren’t painting a patch on a wall and are pinning up color chips (which is just fine!), watch the colors as the sun changes throughout your space. Check it out at night as well as daytime and see if you’re still as fond of it as you were in the store.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
house dreams has a fabulous pop of color outside her home (we’re totally jealous of having a mud room) but the inside area stay neutral. It gives a nice balance to such a bold color statement.

The most important thing to remember about color is that it doesn’t have to be on the walls. If you want to bring in colors and are too nervous to commit to paint, try throw pillows and look at floor coverings. Even if you have carpet! Rugs in your space should take up 30% of the visual weight in your room and can make the biggest difference when it comes to livening things up.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
They can be expensive, so if you’re looking for something on the cheap, try this tutorial to stitch one together for a super budget price!

And last but not least, make sure you check out the Kitchn for some fabulous food inspiration. We’re trying to eat at home twice this week and there’s some extra tasty ideas to get your tastebuds going. Currently we’re rather fond of this Autumn Salad Recipe: Kale Slaw with Peanut Dressing and this Savory Stuffed Pumpkin. As Rachel Ray would say, Delish!


What do you have the hardest time finding a home for in your landing strip?


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