The Fall Cure: Throwing a Party

The Fall Cure: Throwing a Party

Abby Stone
Dec 4, 2009
ivystyle33's card are handmade and beautiful -- the best of both worlds!
• Cure Clock: This is it! • Assignment: Read Week 8: Throwing a Party • Members: 1735 Tomorrow I'm headed off to a party at my friend Rachel's house. That's a phrase I use fairly often. My friend Rachel loves to entertain. A call in the morning, "have you had breakfast yet?" turns into a brunch; a bottle of wine and some cheese becomes cocktails; throw a few hot dogs on the grill and that's a barbeque. Yes her house is comfortable and well laid out, yes her fridge and pantry are always full of food, yes she's got a big stash of wineglasses, but her real secret is that her home is well-cared for.

Wig3000 has simple decorations outside, a great reminder that even an apartment balcony can be festive.

Because of this, she's always ready to open her home to guests. This doesn't mean that her home is stiff or formal or always pin neat. What it is is comfortable. She cares for her home on a daily basis: she makes her bed in the morning, the dishes aren't piled up in the sink, she has a place to put her things when she comes home. She tweaks it regularly: a new vase, a new pillow, groceries come in regularly, food gets cooked, she has her house cleaned every few weeks. Sometimes the only thing she's done "new" is clean out a shelf, toss old magazines, buy a bunch of flowers or rearrange some pictures. But, because she pays attention to it, the energy of her house is constantly being revitalized. It never gets stagnant and, as a result, she doesn't have the pressure to clean up or change her home for her guests. Her home is always "company ready".

This week you'll have a party and open your own home to guests. Your first instinct will be to stress or to apologize that your home is not finished or you've been so slammed at work you haven't had time to clean it. Don't. Instead, relax and see your home in action. Whether it's a few friends over for dinner or a "kegger", your home will be bursting with life. The best compliments will come not from what people will say to you but how they make themselves at home in your space. Don't be surprised if your guests linger or you find them in the kitchen, fetching a glass from the cupboard. It's a testament to how far you've come that your home works for you and is inviting to your guests. That you haven't completed everything you'd hoped to accomplish is okay. Like you yourself, your home is a work in progress. The projects will get done, your living room will come together, those sheets you ordered will arrive. You've spent 8 weeks intensely focusing on your home. Though the Cure is finished, we hope you've developed a new relationship with your home.

Even when it's not Thanksgiving, we can easily picture hanging out on that daybed under the window in zola jones's kitchen, watching as she preps a meal

Whether you're like Rachel and love to have people over or your guests consist of your cat and the occasional visit from the FedEx man, your party is a celebration of your home, your hard work, you. Think back to where you started and see how far you've come. Your home is a different place. Now it supports your life, whether that's having a place to write, a place to dream or a space to welcome a new baby. You're home is relaxing, it's clean, it's well-used and well-loved. Coming home feels good, hanging out at home is fun, being surrounded by the stuff you love -- your home now "looks" like you. Truly home sweet home. You've been Cured.

chloe & ivan already have their tree up. And it's in the rabbit room--a reminder that our houses are there to serve us however we want to use them.

This week's question/comment:
What did you learn about your home from having people over?

all about eve's collection of vintage glasses makes a beautiful display and we think this will make the perfect bar come holiday party time!
Some excuses for a party: finishing the Cure; just because; Sunday morning papers; I'm making pasta sauce; "So You Think You Can Dance" on Tivo; picked up Assassin's Creed and Uncharted; come decorate the tree; "Fringe" is on tonite; Wii sports; "Glee" karaoke; cleaning out the fridge soup; wine and rain; my half birthday; my niece is in town; break in my panini press; wine on sale; it's Thursday; the maid was just here; come see my new dress; Mexican Train dominoes; a DVD of my movie; the best chili; Prohibition Repeal Day; cold enough for a fire; fondue; made too many pancakes; basketball; baseball; football; staying home Sunday night, help me eat these cookies.
michpc26 got the place cleaned up when the bf's dad was making a visit--a great way to motivate to keep the house clean.

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