The Fall Cure: Week Three - Weekend

The Fall Cure: Week Three - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 30, 2007

What is this about? Get the Cure Info here.

This is a great idea passed on by Betsbillabong. The window seat above is a DIY from MAKE.

Good Quotes: Michelle- I am so sorry for your loss. Although few of us will actually ever meet in person- it is like we all know each other well, after all, we've all been to each others houses. Please take care of yourself. - Lorijo

Big hug to you, Michelle. With Ursula (my daughter) turning one today I read your words with a whole new sense of meaning and I felt tears in my eyes. There is nothing like the love you feel for a parent or a child. I do hope that your work on your home continues and allows you to process what you are going through. Remember, your home is another form of "skin" and it is "you." Anything you do for your home, you do for yourself.

East Village Amy's BEFORE set is up and she's seeking advice.

101ThingsIn1001Days says "it's easy." We're so glad. Just wait till week f i v e ;-)....

Call in the Calvalry! Rosie's fallen behind, and she's looking for help...

Lynnea2007 found this dresser. Now it needs a bit of work, but it IS fabulous.

Before for Mia Glynnis. However, this is a classic case of not more shelves, but LESS books.

This Week's Assignment: We tread deeper into the thick of it. In the Deep Treatment you are going think about COLOR and focus on the hallway, an area that is too easily overlooked and extremely important for the health of your home. Building a Landing Strip will help you filter the outside word, keeping your home calm and cutting down on your junk mail will give you back years of life. Enjoy putting together an invitation for week 8's gathering! Share a pic of yours.

The One Room Workout you are going to deepen your research online, get COLOR and begin to call in help. When looking for resources online, don't forget that was originally designed to provide listings to stores, services and products in it's GUIDE (the three buttons just to the right here). If you are having trouble finding something, send in the question to your nearest AT site.

The Fall Cure is live in all four of our Home city sites:

Chicago & their Flickr group
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Green Home & their Flickr Group

Please choose the site nearest your home to join, but feel free to browse on all!

Other Info:

The Cure posts will go up twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, allowing for plenty of comment space. We will be pulling comments and pics to the front page post each week and everyone is urged to take pics and post them to this great Flickr pool or simply tag them with "apartmenttherapycure." See our old pics here too.

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