The Fall Cure: Week Two

The Fall Cure: Week Two

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 19, 2007

Amazing work from La Paracaidista, who hand painted these ceramic dishes.

Good Quote: One thing I've finally learned is that, in a new place, it's worthwhile to fix all the things that annoy you as soon as you can. On the TV "home staging" shows, a recurring theme is that something was broken when the owners moved in, or they hated the previous owner's wallpaper, but put up with it for years and years, until they wanted to sell the house. Then they changed it just in time to move out. OK in NY (formerly MA)

Spirits are high, which is great. And it is also nice to see that from last week's survey that many of you are working in the healthy zone. There is a really nice spread in this class. It gets tougher as we get to the middle. Things will want to intervene and throw you off track, set you back or take you away. Try to stay focused and if you do lose some time, don't sweat it, keep your feet moving and remember to list all the good things you've accomplished...

This Week's Assignment: Last week you got inspired, this week you go to work. In the Deep Treatment you are going to focus on the kitchen. You will declutter and clean your kitchen from the top down and then cook a meal you actually like! There are other smaller tasks as well, such as filtering your tap water and planning a housewarming, but the kitchen is your target.

Npoz1 is super organized! This is her blackboard wall with Cure list.

In the One Room Workout, you will probably be focusing on another room in your home. At this point, your task is to arrange the room on paper to best meet your needs. Additionally, it is time to take your inspiration and crystallize it into your vision for the project. Remember, once you have a clear port to sail towards, the trip becomes much easier.

Zarprey's kitchen with all of it's nice organization is very comforting.

Allegram is doing some heavy lifting. This is her future kitchen.

It's just an idea from a window display, but Anj has found some nice inspiration here for color and, perhaps, wallpaper in a bathroom.

Sparkly's got lotsa work, but the bigger the transformation, the bigger the joy.

Kahall74 is working on his/her two bedroom apartment in Jersey City. The long hall is a puzzle. We'd put down a runner for starters.

Belledame73 always has nice style tray ideas. This is swiped from Domino.

P0lkad0t swiped this charming bedroom inspiration from Blueprint.

Judy#brown has done a nice install of these Rakks shelves. For those of you tired of Elfa, these are a really nice step up.

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