The Fall Cure: Week Two - Weekend

The Fall Cure: Week Two - Weekend

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 21, 2007

Good Quote: I was dreading getting into the kitchen, but I am actually having a great time doing it. I'm trying to tackle one shelf or cabinet each time my kid takes a nap and goes to bed for the night. Right now husband and baby are napping (Steve was up until 3 working last night), and I am tackling the stuff above the cabinets. My outbox is growing and I am thrilled. I'm ready to let the stuff go that isn't working (e.g., weird wedding presents and glasses that don't stack so take up too much room in the cabinets). Phoneill

You are a quarter of the way there. I have to say, this group seems to be in great shape: very helpful and full of good spirit.

For those of you who have just jumped in, welcome! It is never too late to join us (note: you can buy the book here, and we'll ship it to you today). You should just start from the current chapter and not worry about the past. We live in the present.

Here's a quick survey to see how you are over the weekend. Highlights below...

J_fer_in_DC's walls are hot indeed. This is a good tip from betsbillabong and shows how much our own homes can provide inspiration to each other.

This Week's Assignment:

Week Two

Last week you got inspired, this week you go to work. In the Deep Treatment you are going to focus on the kitchen. You will declutter and clean your kitchen from the top down and then cook a meal you actually like! There are other smaller tasks as well, such as filtering your tap water and planning a housewarming, but the kitchen is your target.

In the One Room Workout, you will probably be focusing on another room in your home. At this point, your task is to arrange the room on paper to best meet your needs. Additionally, it is time to take your inspiration and crystallize it into your vision for the project. Remember, once you have a clear port to sail towards, the trip becomes much easier.

Sparkly's putting down plywood and looking for suggestions as to how to paint/seal it.

Lady Gray is helping Mr Gray clean up the music room...

Sarah Mac's outbox. Imagine how good it will feel to get this stuff out of the house.

Check out Eve in Hochelaga's dining room. Organization is not the problem here.

Wouldn't you like to live here, with Photokate? The rug doesn't seem too bad to me.

Bellsarinha's closet before. This is a classic view. Let's see what she does to shape it up...

Kahall74's before pic of the living room. Very nice color, as we love yellow.

Who doesn't love a good pic of Martha? This one from EastVillageAmy.

The Fall Cure is live in all four of our Home city sites:
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We're taking this week to get ready and next Monday we'll all start. Please choose the site nearest your home to join, but feel free to browse on all!

Info:The Cure posts will go up twice a week on Mondays and Fridays, allowing for plenty of comment space. We will be pulling comments and pics to the front page post each week and everyone is urged to take pics and post them to this great Flickr pool or simply tag them with "apartmenttherapycure." See our old pics here too.

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