The Fall Cure: Week 8 - PreGraduation

The Fall Cure: Week 8 - PreGraduation

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 7, 2007

How did you do? Pardon taking this long to get up the end of our Saturday night supper and weekend cleanup. We want to catch up with this post now and then post our graduation post on Friday.

For Graduation, please post your best pics and/or link to the comments below so that I can easily find you and them to add to our FINAL post...

During and after dinner. Everything came together perfectly. I was still in the shower when Bill and Negar arrived. We overcooked the meat and undercooked the vegetables. The second bottle of red wine was skunky (the cork crumbled in our hands). But we had a great time. In other words, it was perfect (though we DO usually do better with the food). The most important thing was that we had some really nice quality time with dear friends (who are having a baby in two weeks) at home and we got everything in shape to do it.

Dinner Setup before they came

The little monster before the guests came

Cooking up the micro greens

Cooking up the dessert - a baked chocolate mousse

See how civilized we are? That's Sara Kate, Bill and his wife, Negar. Negar is due the day before Thanksgiving! You can barely tell, can you?

The cleanup afterwards....

The cleanup is almost complete...

Shopping Afternoon. Any dinner party involves multiple shopping trips. After the food trip in the morning, we went out with Ursula and met my brother in the afternoon. He was shopping for shoes, we were shopping for a few odds and ends to make the evening perfect.

First stop - Ochre - to get something special. We left with candles and a new cutting board.

This is a beautiful store. We wish it was our apartment.

Crucial pieces at the lighting store to repair our table lamp.

Flowers are essential. These came from the nice folks on our corner.

Fixing this lamp turned out to be a bear. We had to go out one more time to get new wire as we couldn't get it to thread the entire way. It got me completely off schedule, hence, the shower timing....

6:00pm: Holy crap, the guests come in 30 minutes! As per usual, we've been busy all day and bit off a bit more that we had time for. I just finished rewiring the lamp on the table (giving it a dimmer), shopping and installing some new purchases. Sara Kate is busily prepping supper. I'd love to write more, but I've got to get the table set... More later.....

11:08 am. Whatcha' doing? We are in pursuit of the perfect Saturday. So far, so good. We're already had a big day, heading out to a STRONG coffee and the Farmer's Market at Union Square early to beat the crowds.

It's a morning time social club at the market as all the early birds and food junkies (and sleepy parents who simply need to get their kids out of the house) show up to browse and shop the tremendous variety of colorful, fresh and healthy foods. Our goal was to buy our entire dinner (it will be 4 total, us and a couple who are old friends). Here's pics from the market:

We loved these sheepskins and ended up buying one spontaneously

These are the arugula micro greens that Sara Kate bought for the salad

This is the beef! From Elks Trail, grass fed. They gave us special instructions for cooking.

The fellow from Elks Trail meats, who told us how to best cook grass fed beef.

A furry friend at the meat stall...

Their lineup. Check out the bison organs!

We didn't buy any of these squash, but I had to take a pic. Oolala.

The root lineup. We bought some baby baby carrots.

Tomatoes are also on the menu....

Heirloom tomatoes actually. Three of them with goat cheese...

The impulse buy comes home with Ursula.

Here's the spread on arriving home. It always forces us to clean up and organize when we bring home beautiful, fresh food.

On the way home we stopped at the hardware store to pick up a few things to fix and improve the house. There's nothing like having guests to make you primp, clean and fix up stuff that's sat too long undone.

More later.

7:00 am. It's very early on Saturday morning. A bit groggy as I've been up for about an hour with Ursula while the rest of the world sleeps (see below the jump). Thanks so much for all your comments on the last thread, which I have been reading through. I'd like to figure out the perfect form for the Cure in addition to having a great weekend with you all. We have invited friends over for dinner and I plan to share all of our preparations with you (both culinary and Curatory).... So, more later.

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